Dad’s 32 years of hell after daughter’s killer tried to frame him for murder

The dad of one of the Babes in the Wood murder victims has told how his nightmare goes on despite seeing his girl’s killer finally sentenced this week.

Barrie Fellows, 71, angrily blames two of paedophile Russell Bishop’s former girlfriends for helping him escape justice for 32 years.

Barrie, whose daughter Nicola and her pal Karen Hadaway, both aged nine, were murdered by Bishop, said: “He destroyed my family and I believe these women helped him.”

Today the devastated dad points the finger of blame at…

Marion Stevenson : She claimed after the original trial in 1987 that she had seen Barrie watching a porn video featuring his daughter and a lodger.

Despite a police investigation which cleared the dad, Ms Stevenson repeated the slurs at this month’s re-trial.

Jenny Johnson : She told police a blue sweatshirt found near the murder scene belonged to Bishop but changed her story at the original trial to say it was not his. New DNA evidence at the retrial proved the shirt DID belong to the murderous pervert.           

Now Barrie is threatening to take private legal action against the two women unless police act.

He said: “These women helped him take my family away, piece by piece, over the last 30 years.

“In some respects they are just as bad as him. They are going to pay too, if we have our way.”

Barrie’s daughter and Karen went missing in Brighton after going out to play on the evening of October 9, 1986.

They were strangled and sexually ­assaulted before their bodies were found in woods nearby next afternoon.

The case against Bishop fell apart after Jenny Johnson retracted a signed statement in which she said she gave him a jumper found discarded nearby.

The garment would later prove crucial as a one-in-a-billion DNA match on it tied Bishop to the scene.

Barrie said: “It sickens me that she knew the sweatshirt belonged to the perverted killer of two innocent ­children. She hadn’t been mistaken.

“She realised that what she had said would probably put him away for life. She went on to have another baby with him after he was acquitted.”

After his acquittal Bishop’s other girlfriend Marion Stevenson accused Barrie of watching a porn film featuring his own daughter and a lodger.

As Barrie and Nicola’s mum Susan grieved their lost child, they were forced to leave their Brighton home to get away from the vile slurs.

They ­later ­divorced under the strain, before Barrie moved to Cheshire to try to start a new life.

Barrie said: “I knew Marion to say ‘hello’ to but not much more. But ­somehow she developed a deep dislike towards me.

“That’s all I can assume to ­explain what she did to me after Bishop was cleared.”

He added: “It had a terrible effect on me and my family.

“Enough people believed there was no smoke without fire and eventually it got so bad we were virtually driven out back to London.

“My marriage to Sue didn’t survive. Bishop was laughing his socks off. He was off the hook and his victim’s father was in the frame.”

Barrie was arrested in 2009 after Marion made a formal complaint to police, but cleared for a second time by officers who found no case to answer.

He said: “I still can’t understand how she could do that to a man who never stops missing his daughter. So people will understand my ­hatred of her.

“‘Why me?’ I thought. ‘What have I done?’ All I have done is lost my little girl.”

During Bishop’s retrial at the Old Bailey this month his defence team again raised the slurs, pointing the finger at ­grieving Barrie.

Prosecutors slammed the ­tactic, insisting “There is not a shred of evidence against Barrie Fellows.” Barrie, who had to walk out of the court, said: “I thought I’d escaped their lies.

“I thought the new evidence would nail him once and for all.

“But he was desperate to try and smear me again. It’s like he wanted to take me down with him.”

Barrie recalled the moment in 1986 when volunteer searchers – including Bishop – found the girls’ bodies.

After excited yells another volunteer told the dad: “I’m afraid they’re dead.”

Barrie said: “That’s when I lost it big time. I swung without thinking at the nearest copper and went completely off my head. Everyone jumped on me. But I was like a madman. It took a lot of them to pin me down. It was like one of my worst epileptic fits.”

The ­following year Bishop was cleared at Lewes crown court.

Three years later, in a chilling repeat attempt, he snatched a seven-year-old girl off a Brighton street, bundled her into the boot of his car and drove 14 miles to beauty spot.

He raped the girl and tried to murder her but was caught and jailed for life.

Ancient double jeopardy laws ­prevented him from being tried twice over the Babes in the Wood killings until the rule was scrapped in 2005.

But the family faced a further 13-year wait until new evidence and advanced DNA testing tied him to the scene.

Jenny Johnson could now be ­investigated for perjury over allegations she lied about Bishop’s sweatshirt during the original trial. Det Supt Jeff Riley of Sussex Police said: “At the time she was called as a prosecution witness.

“She turned into a hostile witness during the first trial, denied that the sweatshirt was his and said that the ­police had faked her signature.

“The law has now changed.”

Nigel Pilkington, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said the result of the 1987 trial could have been “wholly different” if Miss Johnson had not changed her story.

Mr Pilkington added: “Obviously if somebody has not told the truth in a case which has been a miscarriage of justice for 32 years, that’s a serious matter, if it turns out to be so. But we will wait to see if police make a decision to investigate.”

Barrie and his brother Nigel say they will launch private ­prosecutions against Ms Johnson and Marion Stevenson if police do not act. Barrie added: “The police should investigate Marion Stevenson for perjury over the lies she has told about me.

“She thinks she has got away with adding to my misery over Nicky’s death. She’s wrong.”

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Diverse Movies Are Successful At The Box Office — But Hollywood Still Doesn’t Seem To Get It

After a half-decade that included massive hits like Wonder Woman, Crazy Rich Asians and Moana, one thing has become very clear when evaluating the average movie: Women have the potential to make your film a massive success. And that has never been more explicit than in a recent study from Creative Artists Agency (C.A.A.) and shift7, which found that movies starting women made more money than those starring men from 2014-2017. The findings underline the fact that diversity does well at the box office — so Hollywood no longer has an excuse for not producing films that embrace diversity, both onscreen and behind the scenes.

According to the New York Times, the study also found that films that passed the Bechdel test — which evaluates female representation in film, based on whether or not there are multiple female characters, and if they talk to each other about something other than a man — also outperformed other films that failed the test. In other words: Well-written female characters are the secret to box office success. "The perception that it’s not good business to have female leads is not true," Christy Haubegger, a C.A.A. agent who was part of the research team, told the NY Times. "They’re a marketing asset."

These findings echo a 2017 report, also published by C.A.A. which found that films with a diverse cast performed better across all budgets than those with a homogenous cast. At the time, the study — which looked at 413 recent releases, and found that those with a cast of at least 30 percent actors of color outperformed those with a primarily white cast — suggested that a more diverse cast meant a more diverse audience, which brought in more money at the box office.

For their latest study, C.A.A. and shift7 looked at 350 films that were released between 2014 and 2017, and determined whether they were "female-led" or "male-led" based on the performer who was listed first on Gracenote, a data and technology provider. (On Gracenote, for example, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi list Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, respectively, as the lead, making it male-led; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lists Megan Fox as the lead, making it a female-led film.)

The study also broke down the data by budget size, with major tentpole films with budgets over $100 million being considered a major part of studio business, and thus, needed to be evaluated on their own. Looking at the films that were made for budgets of $10 million, $10 to $30 million, $30 to $50 million, $50 to $100 million and over $100 million, average earnings for films that starred women surpassed male-led films in every single category.

Both studies were part of an effort from C.A.A. to encourage studios and producers to hire more women and people of color for onscreen and behind-the-scenes roles. And since Hollywood is, at its heart, a business, the findings of the study should help illuminate to studios that by thinking diversely — both in terms of gender and ethnicity — they will actually help their bottom line.

But even though all of these statistics and studies might prove that hiring a diverse cast and crew is a great way to make money, that doesn’t mean that fans can expect a major surge of female and POC-centric films to hit movie theaters any time soon. The New York Times even tweeted that these findings were a "surprise," which helps contribute to the idea that successful films with a diverse cast are a "one-off," rather than the norm. And that perception really flies in the face of everything that these findings have uncovered in recent years.

Since much of Hollywood still abides by the false notion that men don’t want to see female-led films — which can easily be disproved by the fact that the top three highest-earning films of 2017 were Wonder Woman, The Last Jedi and Beauty and the Beast — every blockbuster release that centers on a female character or has a female-led story is seemingly posited as a "risk." After all, it took nearly 10 years for Wonder Woman alone to be made, despite the fact that fans had been clamoring to see Diana onscreen once the superhero genre began experiencing a rebirth in cinemas.

In 2014, DC Entertainment’s president, Diane Nelson told The Hollywood Reporter that Wonder Woman "has been, since I started, one of the top three priorities for DC and for Warner Bros," before noting that "she’s tricky." Once the film was finally released, in 2017, it quickly became the most successful domestic release of the DC Cinematic Universe, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"It’s been proven so many times that female-led movies can make money," TCM host Alicia Malone told USA Today May 2017, about Hollywood’s reluctance to make a female-led superhero film. "But Hollywood still seems to have a little bit of amnesia and they always see these as the exceptions to the rule rather than the rule. The comic-book superhero genre has been so male-dominated for such a long time and it was seen as a big risk to take it in a different direction."

Hopefully, these findings will put that notion to bed once and for all, as clearly, having women is actually just a very smart business decision. After all, in 2016 the MPAA found that 52 percent of moviegoers are women, which makes them a massive audience that most studios aren’t catering to when.

Of course, women are not the only movie-going audience that major studios aren’t catering to: minorities are more likely to attend the movies on a regular basis, and those audience members are even more likely to attend films that reflect themselves onscreen. Two of 2018’s biggest releases helped solidify that theory, with Black Panther raking in over $1 billion worldwide and Crazy Rich Asians becoming the top grossing rom com of the last 10 years. Both films were also major critical successes, which has resulted in awards returns as well. Crazy Rich Asians earned two Golden Globe nominations and a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Ensemble; Black Panther landed a Best Motion Picture, Drama nod at the Golden Globes as well as its own Best Ensemble SAG nomination.

Unfortunately, all of those statistics, box office returns and even awards nominations doesn’t seem to be enough to change the way that Hollywood continues to make films. There seems to be no possible reason for studios to ignore these findings, and yet in recent years, there hasn’t been a significant change in the way movies are made, cast, and catered to a white, male audience.

According to San Diego University, the number of female protagonists with speaking roles in 2017 dropped 5 percent from the year before; USC’s Media, Diversity, & Social Change Initiative 2017 report found that in general, the percentage of female speaking roles in films has remained relatively static since 2007, at around 30 perfect.

Things are even worse for actors of color, who made up only 13.6 percent of leading actors in films in 2016, according to the UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, and yet, the report also found that minorities accounted for most of the ticket sales for the top 10 films of 2016. Those numbers prove that like women, minorities are one of the largest audiences of people attending movies, which means that studios shouldn’t shy away from catering to them just as much as they cater to white, male audiences.

These numbers all support the idea that audiences are hungry for something new, something different and something that reflects their own reality — so why won’t Hollywood step up and make films that answer that hunger? The idea that studios have released three different iterations of Spider-Man and five different versions of Batman before releasing Black Panther or Captain Marvel is simply disrespectful to the audience they’re claiming to cater to, especially when the box office numbers of films that star both women and diverse casts are taken into consideration.

In an effort to cater to their own biases against women and actors of color, studios are actively hurting their own bottom lines, and that bias carries over to the audience who shows up to see their movies.

The 2017 box office proved that women were willing to turn out in droves to support female-led films; Wonder Woman‘s ticket sales were helped along by a large population of older, female moviegoers, who turned out to support the film, according to Variety. The 2018 box office results should prove that people of color are just as interested in seeing their own stories told on the big screen as well. According to Fortune, 37 percent of Black Panther‘s record-breaking opening weekend audience was African-American, and 40 percent of Crazy Rich Asians‘ opening weekend audience was Asian, according to MarketWatch. None of this should be considered a "surprise" any longer, and studios can no longer rely on the idea that the only thing that sells is a white, male hero.

If nothing else, these new findings should make it clearer to money-focused studios that they’re leaving millions on the table by simply clinging to their old-fashioned ideas. People want new stories. They want diverse stories and they want to see those stories told by diverse voices, and they will put their money where their mouth is when it comes time to support those projects.

So, Hollywood, it’s time to step up to the plate and give the people what they want. Frankly, at this point, there are no reasons left for them not to.

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Take A Look At This Winter Jacket With Over 3,000 Perfect Amazon Reviews

The temperatures have officially dropped and if your parka from last year feels lighter than you remember, let us introduce you to the most popular down jacket on Amazon. The Orolay Thicken Down Jacket has racked up over 5,ooo reviews with an average 4.3 rating making it the best-selling item in the Women’s Down Jackets & Parkas category.

Other super-warm winter coats can cost up to $200, but this puffer will keep you warm for just $120. It’s also wind-proof, water resistant, and machine washable (so long as your remove the faux fur).

Read the reviews and you can understand why people are so obsessed. One reviewer said it’s her go-to when the temperatures drop below zero. “The lining is extra soft and warm and the pockets are perfect to carry items to leave the purse at home,” she wrote “I’m usually skeptical but please take my word, this jacket is definitely a good buy!”

Another found this coat through a friend and was shocked that it wasn’t crazy expensive.

“I assumed this was some expensive designer jacket, cause it looks it! It’s a great jacket for the price that looks waaaaay more expensive than it is.”

One negative thing that reviewers did note is that the zipper tends to gets stuck and can be a little awkward to zip, but that didn’t stop them from raving about the coat’s coziness.

If this coat seems like your jam, get on it. With Amazon’s two-day shipping, you could be living your warmest life by the weekend.

From: Good Housekeeping US

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Matt Has A New GF On ‘Fuller House’ & D.J. HATES Her

If you thought D.J. officially choosing to date Steve instead of Matt would be the end of the hot vet on Fuller House, you’re thankfully wrong. Matt is still on Season 4 of Fuller House, and he has a familiar girlfriend now too. Matt is dating Gia on Fuller House, which is basically D.J.’s worst nightmare. Don’t worry, she isn’t upset because she regrets dumping Matt for Steve. She’s just upset because D.J. hates Gia. She always has, and she probably always will.

Their feud goes all the way back to Full House, because teenage smoker Gia was not the best influence on D.J.’s little sister Stephanie. And, on Fuller House, because Gia is still not as prim and proper as D.J., they continue to not see eye to eye. Plus, in a previous Fuller House season, D.J. blamed Gia’s daughter Rocki for being a bad influence on D.J.’s son Jackson. No matter how much time passes, D.J. just can’t get around to ever liking her sister’s schoolmate.

So when D.J. learns that Matt’s new girlfriend is Gia, she can’t handle it. Not only are Gia and Matt super cutesy and in love (they call each other Lil’ Bunny and Big Thumper), but they work really well together as a couple. For all her faults, Gia communicates well with Matt during an Escape Room double date with Steve and D.J. And, she’s shown supporting him when he wins a business award for his vet clinic. D.J. may not be Gia’s biggest fan, but it seems like Matt moved on with the right person for him.

But even though D.J. is over Matt, and she is friends with him and probably wants him to be happy — she’ll probably never be OK with him dating Gia, specifically. Decades have passed and D.J. still calls her "smoking in the bathroom Gia." And when Gia accidentally spills vodka on D.J. while the two are chaperoning the prom, D.J. storms off — renewed in her anger over Gia’s bad girl behavior. When Steve asks D.J. what happened, D.J. answers, "Gia. That’s what happened. Of course, that could be the answer to anything."

D.J. is usually a ray of sunshine and positivity to everyone. D.J. even got Steve’s ex-fiancée to like her again — and D.J. literally ruined that wedding and stole Steve away from the bride-to-be. If D.J. can solve that kind of rift, it’s kind of surprising that she can’t get over this thing with Gia. But, it is refreshing to see that even the upstanding oldest Tanner sister can sink to bitter levels when faced with a nemesis. Nobody’s perfect, not even D.J., so long as Gia is around.

And considering that Jackson and Rocki have an on-again-off-again romance, Rocki’s mom Gia is probably going to continue being on the show, so D.J. better get used to it. And while she may not make all the choices D.J. does, Gia does seem to be a good match for Matt and their relationship is strong. So count on them to go the distance — whether D.J. likes it or not.

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You Can Now Own Amal Clooney's Custom Stella McCartney Royal Wedding Dress

Amal Clooney‘s vibrant marigold Stella McCartney midi dress was one of the most talked-about guest looks at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal wedding on May 19.

At the time, the British designer (who also created Meghan’s second slinky royal reception gown!) created the yellow dress custom for the barrister — but thanks to the waves of praise, McCartney just released the design, appropriately named the “Amal tie-back crepe dress,” for purchase. 

Following the royal wedding, global fashion search engine Lyst reported that 17,000 people from 65 different countries searched for a ‘yellow Stella McCartney dress,’ so it’s no surprise to see the designer created the style for public sale.

The description of Clooney’s dress on Matches Fashion reads, “Worn by Amal Clooney to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding, Stella McCartney’s canary-yellow Amal dress will make an elegant statement at a special occasion. It’s crafted to a vintage-inspired silhouette with a lightly pleated square neckline and ties at the back which flow over the figure-flattering shape. Style it with metallic accessories and glittering pumps for a sophisticated edit.”

Buy It! Stella McCartney Amal Tie-Back Crepe Dress, $1,995;

The dress will set you back a hefty $1,995, but for Clooney’s exact look, it might just be worth the splurge.

This article originally appeared on People. For more stories like this, visit

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Cardi B Wavering On Taking Offset Back After He Begs: ‘She Really Misses Him’

Cardi B is still unsure if she’ll take Offset back, despite his earnest pleas for forgiveness! A source close to Cardi says she ‘really wants to believe him.’

Offset took to Instagram to make an impassioned plea to win Cardi B back — but is it working? A source close to Cardi told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that their future as a couple is still up in the air and uncertain. “Cardi is definitely wavering on the subject of taking Offset back,” our source said. “She really misses him and he’s saying all the right things right now. At first, Cardi was so angry she couldn’t stand to even hear Offset’s name, and she was adamant that she wanted to divorce him and not have anything to do with him ever again. But now, they’ve started talking again and she’s started coming around to the idea of them getting back together.”

And when it comes to the subject of Offset’s alleged cheating, which he has firmly denied, Cardi is torn between what he’s saying, and what she feels is the truth. “Offset swears he didn’t cheat, and Cardi really wants to believe him, but her gut instinct tells her he’s lying,” our source went on to say. “So right now it’s all about whether she can live with that or not.”

At this point, Cardi is waiting to see what Offset will do next. “Meanwhile, Cardi plans to make the most out of Offset’s apologies, because she figures that if he’s really genuinely sorry then he can put his money where his mouth is and shower her with gifts,” our source continued. “He messed up, he needs to pay for it, plain and simple.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news about Cardi and Offset. In the meantime, check out all of their photos together in our gallery above.

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Diddy Throws Birthday Party for Daughters Before Kim Porter Day


Sean "Diddy" Combs is feeling positive amid a particularly dark and difficult month.

The rapper shared a number of videos and photos on his Instagram Story Friday night of the 80’s-themed birthday party he threw for his twins D’lila Star and Jessie James, whom he had with his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. Porter was found dead on Nov. 15, and her cause of death remains “under investigation” although the autopsy has been completed.

D’lila and Jessie are turning 12 on December 21, but Diddy threw the party earlier because of the holidays and so it could coincide with “Kim Porter Day”, which is Dec. 15—her birthday. “I need to clarify tomorrow is Kim Porter Day, worldwide, worldwide, worldwide, midnight December 15th, we only gonna go up through the grace of god,” he said in his Instagram Story.

Diddy didn’t just pay tribute to his daughters on their special day. It’s also Porter’s birthday. She would have been 48. 

The music mogul shared a photo of Porter and her son Quincy, who Diddy helped raise. “WE feel your beautiful smile,” he captioned it.

Another photo tribute to Porter showed her carrying the twins as they all flashed big smiles. He wrote, “Words can’t explain. THIS PICTURE SAYS EVERYTHING.”

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

A third picture that Diddy posted was some artwork of Porter sitting amongst angels. He typed, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!!! We miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooSoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH.”

At their birthday party, Jessie, D’lila and their friends dressed up in neon 80’s garb and enjoyed some classic rollerblading fun. The twins were also treated to a five-tier hot pink birthday cake.

In the days and weeks following Porter’s death, Diddy shared a number of tributes and messages in honor of his ex. On Nov. 18, he posted a video of the two of them from an Essence photo shoot. “For the last three days I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t,” he captioned the post. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship.”

He continued, “We were more than best friends, we were more than soul mates. WE WERE SOME OTHER S–T!! And I miss you so much. Super Black Love.”

View this post on Instagram

Happy birthday @ladykp #kimporter #kimporterday. WE feel your beautiful smile. THANK YOU 🖤

A post shared by Diddy (@diddy) on

At her funeral on Nov. 24, Diddy praised Porter and called her “our angel” before the service began. Although Diddy has been “heartbroken” and “devastated” following her sudden death, he has also been open about starting his “new life” with “new responsibilities.”

In one Instagram video while driving his little ones to school, he said, “New day. New life, New responsibilities. Kim I got this. Just like you taught me!” 

Happy early birthday, D’lila and Jessie, and happy birthday in memory to Porter.

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Ariana Grande Drops Stunning New Song ‘Imagine’ & It’s A Must-Listen

Just keep breathing, Arianators. Your girl, Ariana Grande, has a brand new song! Listen to her latest single, ‘Imagine’, here!

She’s on a roll! Fresh off the heels of her iconic “Thank U, Next” music video, Ariana Grande, 25, dropped a brand new song. “Imagine” arrived on Dec. 14, and it was an INSTANT hit with fans!

“Imagine” is the first piece of music that Ari has dropped since releasing her star-studded “Thank U, Next” video on Nov. 30. The highly-anticipated clip showed the singer reenacting a series of films from the early 2000s! Mean Girls? Check. Legally Blonde? You bet! The most notable part of the video just might be Ari’s reference to her ex, Pete Davidson. “Sorry I dipped Pete” she wrote, in her burn book at one point! The singer even enlisted original Mean Girls cast member Jonathan Bennett and asked Kris Jenner for a little help with one hilarious scene.

2018 was truly Ariana’s night to shine, and she was award the Woman of the Year award at Billboard’s 2018 Women in Music event. She joined the likes of Selena GomezMadonna, and Lady Gaga, who have previously accepted the honor! It couldn’t have been a more fitting choice from the publication, after Ariana’s all-star year saw her breaking records.

Just when we thought 2018 couldn’t get any better, Ari gives us MORE music! Be sure to catch the full song for “Imagine” above.

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How You Can Minimize The Appearance Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be the bane of your existence, even if you have never been pregnant. Yes, those little devils affect everyone, but they are notoriously associated with pregnancy.

It may not look like it, but even celebrities and supermodels suffer from stretch marks. According to Muscle And Fitness, they have a few secrets to keeping theirs hidden from the public and now you can too. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get rid of them, but there are a few ways to help minimize those pesky scars.

The first thing to do is make sure you are treating your skin with creams, lotions, and other treatments that help strengthen the skin. When your skin is massaged with products that contain ginkgo or caffeine circulation is improved, which in turn helps smooth out the skin. Plus, the antioxidants in those products can help heal wounds. Also, look for products that contain ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, which is a wound healer and amino acids, which are nutritional building blocks because both help regenerates healthy skin.

Preventing sun damage by wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day will help with stretch marks. It is essential to apply sunscreen on those cloudy and snowy days because those days still cause sun damage. Sun exposure can significantly affect your skins ability to generate new tissue.

One of the best ways to minimize stretch marks is to be proactive and prevent getting them in the first place. Eating a diet full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B, and E, as well as antioxidants, are one of the best ways to maintain healthy skin. If you do get a wound, make sure that you treat it with products such as shea butter as it is healing. The right treatment will help prevent scarring.

In those cases where you do get stretch marks, act quickly. The longer you have a mark, the harder it is to treat. It is best to treat a mark when it is in the inflammatory stage, which is easy to see because it will be red or pink. Finally, if topical creams do not help minimize the scar, then go to a doctor for more aggressive treatment.

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Cancer-stricken killer who butchered women got wish ‘to die in Monster Mansion’

A cancer-stricken killer who butchered two women got his wish ‘to die in Monster Mansion’ – housing some of Britain’s most evil men, a new report has revealed.

Psychopath John Nixon was jailed for life twice for killing the women decades apart.

He died in HMP Frankland last November months after his cancer diagnosis, reports Chronicle Live.

He had refused treatment and "said that he wanted to die in prison."

Nixon was serving life after stabbing 23-year-old sex worker Carolyn Porter over 50 times in 2005.

The murder was committed while out on licence after he stabbed Barbara Lane to death in her County Durham home in 1979.

A new report into his death has praised the care he received at the Category A County Durham jail – dubbed ‘monster mansion’.

Among the 844 inmates are Ian Huntley and ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ Peter Sutcliffe.

Nixon, 60, was diagnosed last June with oesophageal cancer and liver metastases after a doctor noticed swelling.

"From July 2017, Mr Nixon told staff that he did not want any treatment," states a Prisons and Probation Ombudsman report.

"Healthcare staff treated Mr Nixon palliatively, focusing on his symptoms and pain management.

"When Mr Nixon’s condition deteriorated, he moved to the healthcare unit at HMP Frankland, where he died on 16 November."

The murderer was plagued with ill-health, suffering diabetes psychosis and hepatitis C yet declined any treatement.

"He found attending the healthcare department triggered severe anxiety for him and he frequently opted out of treatment, despite healthcare staff telling him the possible consequences.

"In February 2016, Mr Nixon wrote to the healthcare department and said that he did not want any further appointments. He voluntarily stopped his diabetes treatment."

But after telling a nurse he needed time to consider his option, he again refused treatment.

"On 25 July, Mr Nixon discussed his decision with specialist palliative care staff and they told him that without treatment his prognosis was three to twelve months," adds the newly published report.

"Mr Nixon wrote again on 4 August to the healthcare department and said that he had decided to refuse treatment.

"Mr Nixon said he did not want anyone to resuscitate him if his heart or breathing stopped and signed an order to that effect."

His eventual death, the coroner ruled, was from pneumonia due to oesophageal cancer.

But staff were praised for offering "excellent support and treatment".

The ombudsman stated after Nixon’s diagnosis, he may have been eligible for release on compassionate grounds on medical reasons.

"This is usually when they have a terminal illness and a life expectancy of less than three months," adds the report.

"Prison staff discussed the possibility of compassionate release with Mr Nixon. He said that he wanted to die in prison."

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