Boy with special needs and a service dog rescued from fighting help each other overcome obstacles

A 6-year-old boy from Lansing, Michigan, and his new service dog are helping each other live a full life. 

William Grimes’ family got his dog, Jay, when they both needed a friend the most. William was diagnosed with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder and his mom says it’s often hard for him to leave the house.

“We have known since he was 3 he had anxiety and sensory processing disorders,” Kristy Grimes told CBS News. “For the longest time William was very scared to leave the house.”

“Sometimes just going to the playground was too overwhelming for him. Even going outside to play in the yard was too overwhelming for him. The thought of a service dog was always in the back of my mind,” she said.

William’s anxiety got worse when his grandmother passed away about six months ago, his mom said. That’s when she decided she should look into getting a service dog sooner rather than later.

Grimes said she actually got the idea for a dog from another animal – a duck. William met someone’s pet duck at a playgroup and his demeanor immediately changed, she said. 

“William was talking with the kids and petting the duck and was actually able to interact with kids his age, which he has never been able to do,” she said. “If a duck can make this much a difference, imagine what a dog could do.”

The family worked with a local service dog trainer to find the perfect pup. Then in November they drove to Kalamazoo Animal Rescue to get William his new best friend.

The employees at the animal rescue introduced the family to Jay, who is an unidentified breed, though the family believes she is an American bulldog. Jay was once used as a bait dog in a fighting ring. “She was horribly treated,” Grimes said.  Jay’s sad past made Grimes think she was perfect for adoption. 

William has come out of his shell and loves to play outside with Jay now.

“I was like, ‘This dog is the most perfect dog for my son.’ She has been through so much … but she is still so gentle and loving and so happy all the time. If she can come back from that, she can teach my son to enjoy the world and love,” Grimes said. 

Both William and Jay have overcome a lot, and when they met there was an instant connection. “Jay instantly knocked him down, but not in a mean way … and started licking his face. And my son said, ‘Yup, I want to keep her.'” 

Now, Jay and William are inseparable. “She fits into our family so well. We have cats, we have an old Great Dane and three kids. She just loves us all completely,” Grimes said. “At night it’s quite common to find her sneaking up into bed with them.”

Jay is still learning how to be a service dog, Grimes said. For now, she travels to therapy with William until she can get used to more stimulating places, like grocery stores.

“Honestly, just my son knowing Jay is here for him – even when Jay isn’t physically there – he has gotten a lot of confidence,” Grimes said. The family is optimistic about what Jay will be able to do once she’s fully trained. 

A battered dog and a boy with special needs found a calming force in each other and now the two kindred spirits are helping each other live fuller lives.

Kristy Grimes says her son’s new service dog fits in with the family. She even sneaks upstairs to sleep in their beds.

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This 'Below Deck' Charter Guest Reveals What It Takes to Be a Great Guest – The Cheat Sheet

Torrie Jasuwan and family | Torrie Jasuwan Twitter

Being on a reality show like Below Deck can be tricky. Especially when you are on the show to party and have fun. Some guests have accused Bravo of editing them so they are painted in a negative light.

However, fan favorite guest Torrie Jasuwan and her family found the perfect way to have a blast on charter. While still being very likable and real. Not only did Jasuwan and family pull off their appearance with grace but they also managed to do it with small children in tow. So how did the Jasuwans manage to become Below Deck’s favorite charter guests? And what advice does Jasuwan have for anyone thinking about going on the show? Jasuwan offered exclusive insight to The Cheat Sheet on what it takes to be a great Below Deck guest.

Jasuwan knew what she was getting into

While some guests seem taken aback when they see how they are portrayed, Jasuwan had a unique understanding of how reality television worked. “Back in the day, I used to do reality T.V. casting,” she revealed. “And I still had friends in the industry so when the opportunity came up I thought ‘oh this sounds like fun.’ And we decided to bring a bunch of our friends. Plus, I just couldn’t imagine doing it without the kids.”

She was confident the kids were ready for a trip like this too

Even though she couldn’t imagine traveling without the kids, she knew they were well prepared for a trip like this. “I’ve traveled with my kids since they were born and they’ve been to more countries in five or six years than I was before I was married,” she says. And even though the children are well traveled, the trip was as magical for them as it was for the adults.

Jasuwan says the experience was better than going on a Disney cruise. Chief stew Kate Chastain and second stew Josiah Carter actually set up the children’s stuffed animals in fun little scenes every day. “Pretty much all throughout the day and every day Kate and Josiah would set up cute little scenes,” she recalls. “It was really adorable.” She says the kids still talk about going on the “big boat” and really loved the trip. Especially the “yacht ferries,” AKA Chastain and Carter.

Additionally, Jasuwan’s kids go with the flow. “They eat what we eat,” she adds. “If they don’t they are probably hungry. We don’t do a lot of kid food.” Plus Jasuwan says the kids are exposed to a lot of different cultures and cuisine since day one so neither Pierson or Tiernan are demanding chicken and fries.

This is how to be a gracious charter guest

Whether you plan to privately charter a yacht or go on the show, Jasuwan shares how to make it a positive voyage. “I would say be yourself and have fun,” she advises. “Treat the staff how you would want to be treated. They are working their asses off. I cannot even tell you how hard those people work. Like Kate and Josiah barely slept. Adrian barely slept on that trip.” She added the Chastain and Carter are truly her dream team.

And what do you when mess ups happen? Being chill like Chef Adrian Martin seems to be the best way to approach snafus on deck. Jasuwan’s friend was unfortunately injured when former bosun Chandler Brooks allowed her to slip and fall on a rock. Plus her son Pierson cut his foot on some broken glass. While Jasuwan’s friend Sherry ended up with just some bumps and bruises, Brooks could have been more attentive. “She hit her elbow and her knee,” she says. “She’s not his [Brooks’] biggest fan.”

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Chrissy Teigen's Best Parenting Moments Captured on Social Media – The Cheat Sheet

Chrissy Teigen is an outspoken personality that first gained attention for her work as a swimsuit model. She quickly became known for her skills in the kitchen, though. Now with two best-selling cookbooks and a brand-new line of kitchen essentials for Target, Teigen is also a hardworking parent.

Her sage advice and humorous observations about being a mother to two small children keep her followers entertained and inspired. Here are a few of Chrissy Teigen’s best parenting moments as captured on social media.

Teigen posts about her son’s corrective helmet

View this post on Instagram

my baby bug got his head shaping helmet today! please don’t feel bad for him if you see photos. he is a happy bug and we’re just fixing his flat!

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

In May 2018, Chrissy Teigen welcomed her and husband John Legend’s second child, a baby boy named Miles. Teigen frequently refers to Miles as “baby bug” in her posts. In early December 2018, she posted about him on her Instagram in a slightly different context. Admitting that Miles has a slightly flat head, a common condition in infants caused when they spend a lot of time in one position that can put pressure on the skull, Teigen showed a picture of the baby wearing a corrective helmet.

The post caused a flood of positive responses from parents whose children also had to wear corrective headgear. The post also drew attention from a few critics as well. Teigen took to Twitter a few days after the post, saying that a photo doesn’t tell the whole story and that Miles received physical therapy before being fitted with the helmet.

The arrival of baby Luna

View this post on Instagram

#flashbackfriday 💕

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

View this post on Instagram

#flashbackfriday 💕

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Two years prior to baby Miles, Teigen and Legend had their first child, Luna Simone. The adorable little girl was introduced to the world in an Instagram post, showing the new family of three snuggled up on the hospital bed.

Teigen admitted to struggling after giving birth to Luna, especially with postpartum depression. She was open about feeling low for a long time and said that through John’s support, and with the help of family and friends, she was able to get her depression under control.

Teigen and breastfeeding struggles

View this post on Instagram

Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now

A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

As many mothers know, feeding a baby can be a battle in itself. Chrissy Teigen has been open about her difficulties with breastfeeding, including how breastfeeding a new baby makes her feel “like a dairy cow” and that it takes hours every day.

Most recently, Teigen received some controversial remarks over an Instagram post she made in July. The picture showed her breastfeeding both new baby Miles and holding Luna’s doll. “I guess I have twins now,” Teigen captioned the post. Followers were quick to comment on the post, everything from how Teigen should cover up before she posts to social media to those thanking her for being so open and real about parenting.

Choosing which photos to post

Picking the right family photos for Instagram is a struggle for everyone, even those with a net worth of over $13 million. In July 2018, Teigen posted a beautiful shot of her holding both of her young children. The caption revealed that Teigen debated whether to display the photo where Luna is looking at the camera or the one where Miles’ face is covered, or where Teigen looked her best – since one photo is never able to accurately capture everyone.

The comments section of the adorable post is full of remarks from parents who claim they relate to the difficulties of getting a good family photo. In the world of indignant social media battles, the post became a rare display of solidarity.

With a hot new cookware line, a hosting gig on the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle, and a reputation for putting together the best recipes in the business, Chrissy Teigen is moving onwards and upwards. She’s sure to share even more hilarious, heartfelt parenting moments in the year 2019.

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See how long it takes you to complete this year’s viral Christmas brainteaser

Ho-Ho-How long will it take you to complete the most recent festive brainteaser to land on the net?

This busy Christmas market scene contains dozens of characters dressed in red and white carrying gifts – but your job is to pick out jolly old Santa Claus.

But he’s not easy to find, as he’s using some of his Christmas magic to blend into the background – making him even harder to spot than he will be for kids on Christmas Eve.

The puzzle was devised by Newcastle-based leading ferry operator, DFDS, which offers trips between Newcastle and Amsterdam, and Dover and Calais to the Christmas markets in Europe.

Once you’re ready for the answer, check below…

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Feds bust 2 people for separate alleged terror plots in Ohio

WASHINGTON — The FBI announced Monday it made arrests in two separate terror plots near Toledo, Ohio. Both suspects had been talking about and planning the attacks for months, authorities said.

According to the FBI, Elizabeth Lecron was obsessed with the idea of carrying out mass murder. She was arrested Saturday after she purchased black powder and screws for making a bomb. She told an undercover agent she wanted to target a Toledo bar, and also discussed bombing a pipeline or attacking a farm, officials said.

“She stated she had been involved in a plan to commit an ‘upscale mass murder,’ as she called it,” said Jeff Fortunato, an FBI assistant special agent in charge.

Damon Joseph and Elizabeth Lecron.

According to court documents, Lecron was active on social media. On Tumblr, she posted “photographs and comments glorifying mass murders like the Columbine shooters and Dylann Roof.”

Roof, a white supremacist, shot and killed nine African-Americans in a Charleston, South Carolina church in 2015.

In the weeks leading up to her arrest, Lecron wrote to Roof in prison. According to court papers, he wrote back, asking her to “mail him several books about civil uprisings and the Nazis.”

In the second Toledo case, the FBI said 21-year-old Damon Joseph, who investigators believe was radicalized by ISIS online, planned to target two Toledo area synagogues. Court papers allege he praised the October attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, telling an undercover FBI agent, “My opinion is the Jews are evil and they get what’s coming to them.”

Fortunato said Joseph wanted to carry out a similar mass shooting.

“Days ago, he provided an undercover employee a draft plan which outlined general operational and logistical considerations for an attack,” Fortunato said.

In both cases, it was the words and the actions of the suspects that caught the attention of investigators. Because the FBI was tracking these cases for months, investigators said the public was not in danger.

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11 Tweets About Soulmate Deal-Breakers To Remind You To Never Settle

Sometimes in life, no matter how much you love something or someone, you discover a deal-breaker that effectively overshadows whatever love you thought you felt. Maybe it’s a job you love that doesn’t offer paid time off, maybe it’s a new apartment that doesn’t have a dishwasher, or maybe it’s someone you love who you later discover hates coffee or loves Nickelback. At that point, what do you do? Is it make-or-break? Well, looking at these tweets about soulmate deal-breakers will definitely remind you that it’s OK to not settle for something you just can’t get behind. There is such thing as a deal-breaker, and whatever yours is, don’t be afraid to own it. After all, you deserve nothing but exactly what or who you’re looking for.

Last week, the hashtag #SoulmateDealbreakers circulated on Twitter — a perfect example of how even though the internet can be a trash place sometimes, it still has the potential to give us something amazing, like a viral video of a dog saying "hi," or Chrissy Teigen in general, for instance. #SoulmateDealbreakers brought out the best of the internet yet again, when people started sharing the deal-breakers that would absolutely not fly for them, no matter how meant-to-be a soulmate seems.

With answers ranging from silly to completely hysterical, people on Twitter have shared what they consider constitutes a soulmate deal-breaker, and it’s all you need to make it through your Monday.

1Seriously, why?

I’m from Texas, which means I appreciate a good steak. If my partner ever put ketchup on a New York strip, I’d run out the door.

2Also, this is seriously important.

Listen, if you don’t also indulge in the black lifeblood that is coffee, then how are we ever supposed to truly bond?

3This is just common courtesy.

If anyone is rude to those in the service industry or someone who works in retail, don’t be afraid to say, "thank u, next!"

4OK, but this is also kind of cute?

I’ll be honest, I kind of love it when the plane lands and there’s that one person clapping. I think it’s cute and sweet and reminds me that we’re OK and the world isn’t total crap. We’ve got to find joy in the little things, people!

5I could never do this.

I know, I know — Friends is problematic and clichéd, but I love it and it’s comforting to watch. If my SO didn’t also love the show, we would definitely have a problem.

6Just politics in general!

Does this one even need any explanation? Politics can be as important or unimportant to you as you make them, but if you’re deeply passionate about the issues, then dating someone who feels the opposite way might not always work out for the best.

7For real.

How can anyone not find The Office funny?

8When will this end?

OMG please make it stop!

9No more green texts, please.

Those green text bubbles are problematic.


No one has time for that anymore.

11Books are fun!

I mean, who else are you going to talk to about how Hermione Granger should’ve definitely ended up with Harry Potter instead of Ron Weasley? Don’t @ me!

At the end of the day, a lot of these "deal-breakers" aren’t that big of a deal to some people. But, you still have every right to care about what you care about, and to take a stand about what’s important to you. Sure, these deal-breakers are funny, but there are plenty out there that aren’t, like not being on the same page about the future, or having fundamentally different values. At the end of the day, do what you need to do to be happy. And if that means not putting up with the deal-breakers that you can’t tolerate, so be it.

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If Dresses Aren’t Your Thing, You’ll Love These Fancy Jumpsuits and Pants

So you finally made plans for New Year’s Eve, eh? Now the only hurdle left is figuring out exactly what to wear. Your options might seem limited to sparkly dresses, but trust us, you don’t have to freeze while waiting for the ball to drop this year. In fact, if you really want to make a fashion-forward statement, this is the perfect time to whip out a great pair of pants. While all of your friends are posing in velvet slips and sequin minis, you can totally steal the show in trousers. Don’t believe us? Just look at Amal Clooney.

The activist, attorney, and style star knows exactly how powerful a fancy pair of pants can be. Jaws literally hit the floor when she stepped out for the 2018 Met Gala in silky trousers by Richard Quinn. The dramatic top with a billowing tail really made the look.

Clooney’s one-shoulder lace jumpsuit from a Giambattista Valli party is also giving us major fashion inspiration. Between the festive burgundy color and the sultry lace panels, this jumpsuit is definitely worth copying. Go ahead and channel Mrs. Clooney with this much more affordable lookalike from Nordstrom.

Scroll on for 10 more New Year’s Eve outfit ideas that are just as cute as any dress.

Rachel Zoe Rixey Fluid Sequin Blazer

City Chic Twister Strapless Jumpsuit

House of Harlow 1960 x Revolve Gladys Jumpsuit

Halston Heritage V-Neck Drape-Front Jumpsuit

PrettyLittleThing Burgundy Crushed Velvet Wide-Leg Trouser and Blazer

Dress the Population Embellished Sleeveless Jumpsuit

BB Dakota One-Shoulder Crepe Jumpsuit

Alice + Olivia Keir Sequin Blouse

By the Way. Madalyn Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Express Petite Multicolor Sequin Jumpsuit

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22 Secret Santa Gift Ideas You Still Have Time To Get

Though people often regard Secret Santa as an impersonal gifting experience, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re going to spend the money and time finding someone a gift, why not make it extra personal? Why not go all out and get the most thoughtful gift you can find? It is only one gift you’re responsible for, after all. Don’t get your Secret Santa buddy a throwaway gift just because you don’t have to worry about an even exchange, get your buddy a Secret Santa gift that they will actually use.

You shouldn’t look at an assigned gift swap is not an opportunity to slack on your gift. You should look at it an an opportunity to focus all of your efforts into totally nailing one gift for one lucky person. And hey, what goes around comes around! As sometimes Secret Santas are done with an office or extended family dynamic, you might be in a position to get someone a gift who you don’t know well — but don’t fret. Just because you don’t know their favorite color, doesn’t mean you can’t guesstimate a gift that they can really appreciate. Take some time to think about your Secret Santa, and then cruise through this epic list of personable and impressive gifts that I’ve put together for your convenience. TBH, any of these gifts will be useful, but finding that perfect combination of utility and personality is key.

A Literal Holiday Candle

Hanukkah Candle


Homesick Candles

Yes, this candle really smells like Hanukkah! It’s buttery, it’s sweet, and there’s a low-key hint of potato that evokes lots of nostalgia and somehow works in a totally fragrant way.

Protective Eyewear

Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses


Felix Gray

This is an especially great gift for a co-worker. These blue light blocking glasses will make screen time less detrimental and are great to have at the office.

A Festive Knit Beanie

Pom Beanie


Love Your Melon

This warm and cozy hat comes with a snap on pom, but that’s not the best part — 50 percent of its profits benefit children with pediatric cancer in the U.S. — it’s a gift that gives back.

A Portable Jewelry Cleaner

Bling Brush



If your Secret Santa loves jewelry, they’ll love that they can actually use this gift. It’s a portable jewelry cleaner and it’s perfect for a desk drawer.

A Luxurious Scent Collection

The Dreslyn Home Gift Set


The Dreslyn

This sophisticated gift set comes with a luxe candle, perfume oil, body and hand lotion. Each item is full sized too, so this gift comes with a lot of bang for its buck!

A Funny Dad Hat

Law & Order Fan Hat


Dad Brand

If your Secret Santa is into Law & Order, this hat will totally delight them. The Dad Brand hat company has tons of other #relevant and #relatable hats that are totally worth browsing through, too.

A Mama Spa Kit

Pocket Spa Treatment


Hatch Mama

If your Secret Santa is pregnant or a mom, she’ll love this rollerball perfume oil kit. The set includes ginger, for nausea, lavender for a calming effect and eucalyptus for alertness.

A Bike-Friendly Thermos

Thermal Cup For A Bike



If your Secret Santa rides a bike to work, this Electra bike accessory with literally warm their heart. Now, they can take a hot drink with them for the commute and trust that it will stay secure and stay hot.

A Coal Set

Stocking Full Of Coal Set



For the Secret Santa with a sense of humor, this coal gift set is definitely not a punishment. This spa-like charcoal soap is detoxifying and comes with a luxe cleansing sponge.

A Curated Make Up Set

Make Up Subscription Box



Get your Secret Santa started on a subscription make up box that they can continue to order if they like it. Each month they’ll get a curated selection of new make up products from brands they might not otherwise find at the store.

A Variety Of Sheet Masks

Florapy Sheet Mask Collection, Assorted, 8 Ct



Whether your Secret Santa is a skincare fanatic or not, they’ll love an opportunity to test out a variety of different sheet masks. If you’re lucky, they’ll invite you to try one out, too.

A Room Starter Kit

Industrial Room Starter Pillow & Throw Set



This gift is literally an entire decor vibe in a box. It comes with three pillows and a throw blanket so your Secret Santa can instantly transform their office or home.

A Puppy Lover Shirt

Puppies Make Me Happy Sweatshirt


Puppies Make Me Happy

For the Secret Santa who is puppy-obsessed, short of a puppy, there is no better gift.

A Label Maker

P-touch Embellish Ribbon and Tape Printer



For the Secret Santa who loves organization more than pizza, this gift will serve a utility that will make them feel seriously seen and heard.

A Different Kind Of Lip Kit

Kiss of Winter Lip Kit



This lip kit doesn’t have to do with Kylie, but it’s still impressive. It comes with a lip polish that will scrub away dead skin and moisturize your lips with a natural oil that it leaves behind, and it also comes with an additional lip moisturizer that has a pink tint.

A Sparkly Bath Oil

Shimmering Bath Oil Soak


Copper + Crane

Let’s be honest, we could all use a little bit of added shimmer in the winter. Gift your Secret Santa a luxe bath product that will leave them feeling like their best, shiniest self in the chilliest time of year.

An Instant Wake Up Potion

YouthBoost Diamond Eye Cream



Most eye creams say that they’ll change the way your eyes look, but this eye cream instantly melts away tired and puffy under eye situations, so it’s a night-side must-have.

A Slice Of Home In A Candle

City Nostalgia Candle


Homesick Candles

If you know nothing about your Secret Santa other than where they grew up or went to school, you can wow them with this thoughtful and seriously sentimental gift.

Festive Bath Salts

Crystal Harmony Bath Salts


Crystal Hills

This bath salt mix is so fragrant, it will turn a basic bath into a spa experience.

Cashmere Slippers

Puff Slipper Black


Naked Cashmere

Who wouldn’t want a pair of cashmere slippers? These are soft as a cloud and keep your toes cozy without making your feet sweaty.

An Indoor And Outdoor Fleece

Climaheat Ultimate Fleece


Adidas Outdoor

You can’t have enough fleece layers in the winter, and this new fleece is made with a heat technology that makes it supremely efficient at its job.

Wireless Headphones

Truly Wireless Headphones



As advertised, these headphones are 100 percent wireless. They’re so discrete, people won’t even know you’re wearing them. They’re great for music lovers and productivity, so they make a perfect gift for a friend at work.

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Schoolboy footballer dies after ‘collision on pitch’ at youth match

A schoolboy footballer has died after being involved in a ‘collision’ during a youth match.

Bedgrove Dynamos player Luca Campanaro – understood to be 14 – was in hospital yesterday after being injured on a football field in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and sadly passed away today.

A statement from the club says: "We are deeply saddened to have to announce that a young player from the club sadly passed away this afternoon after being involved in a collision during a youth match on Sunday 9th December.

"Our thoughts are with Luca’s family and loved ones at this distressing time.

"We also offer our heartfelt condolences to his team mates and all associated with the club as we now try to come to terms with the tragic loss of our friend and team mate.

"It goes without saying that everyone at the club is devastated by this news and we ask that the privacy of his family, the players and club members is respected at this incredible difficult time.

"A decision on whether training and upcoming matches will go ahead this week/weekend will be made in due course and teams and players will be notified of this as soon as possible."

A Justgiving page for the youngster says "his organs will be donated to others so in this tragic event others may live."

The money raised will go towards funeral costs to help the family. To donate, click here.

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  • Jamal Khashoggi’s final words
  • Grace Millane killer pictured
  • Universal Credit mum in High Court
  • UK snow warning

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Uranus Retrograde Might Cause Some Drama During Christmas

Though Mercury retrograde usually gets all the attention, it’s not the only planet that’s been in a backwards spin lately. Uranus has been retrograde in the zodiac sign Taurus since Aug. 7, and will remain in retrograde until Jan. 6. That means that the planet will be retrograde through the holiday season — and if you know anything about retrograde periods, you probably know that it’s bound to shake things up a bit. Uranus is often known as the planet of sudden change and rebellion, which isn’t exactly the kind of energy you want around in the midst of holiday craziness. So how will Uranus retrograde affect Christmas?

Uranus retrograde is a time to get rid of the things that are no longer working for us and to do something new. It’s a time to get real with ourselves and to do the things that might make us feel a bit uncomfortable — which might cause some drama, especially during the holidays. But, these things are often for our own good, and more often than not, they better us in the end. It’s the perfect time to make changes, to take a look at our biggest goals (especially the scary ones), and to become who we really want to be. It’s actually not bad timing, since it’s happening at the end of the year — it gives you a fresh start.

Change like this can be a really positive thing, but in the case of Uranus retrograde, it can also feel a bit sudden and reckless. It tends to affect big things in your life, like your relationships — and that kind of change around the holidays can be rough. You’ll want to take things slow. Don’t back away from the idea of doing something new or getting rid of something that isn’t working for you, just make sure you think things through before making a quick and spontaneous decision.

To find out more about how Uranus retrograde would affect Christmas, Bustle spoke with astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher, who tells Bustle to "always expect the unexpected." Faragher adds, "Uranus is the planet of innovation and rebellion, so when this giant goes backwards, progress often begins within." Keep the possibility of change in mind no matter what you’re doing so that it doesn’t catch you off guard.

Bustle also spoke to intuitive astrologer Kesaine Walker, who shares that this particular retrograde period could even affect the way we shop for gifts and also the kinds of gifts we ask for. Walker tells Bustle, "Instead of thinking about acquiring things, we may find ourselves focusing on letting go of and releasing what no longer serves us." In other words, when it comes to thinking of gifts you want, you might be more interested in the spiritual side of things rather than material gifts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Astrologer Lisa Stardust also tells Bustles that Uranus retrograde will also be affected by Mercury retrograde. Although Mercury retrograde will be done by early December, the shadow period will last until Dec. 24, which Stardust says "may add stresses to holiday shopping and Christmas Eve. Stardust added, "With Mercury clearing its shadow on the 24th, expected extra wackiness in travel and run-ins with people from the past. This energy is exasperated by Uranus during the holiday season."

You should also expect your relationships to maybe be a little more complicated than usual. Stardust tells Bustle, "Uranus Retrograde will be activated by the Nodes of Destiny, which means we will all make fated choices around who we will spend the holidays with. Also, be prepared for people to cancel last minute or to have a run in with an old friend or ex (when you least expect it)."

At the end of the day, it could definitely be worse — it seems like Uranus retrograde is simply going to make you more focused on becoming a better you. Even if it does bring a little drama this Christmas, it’s for a good cause.

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