Carol Kirkwood reveals odd offer from BBC Breakfast engineer ‘He’s found some gaffer tape’

Carol Kirkwood has admitted she was stunned after her BBC Breakfast engineer, Stuart, offered her gaffer tape to tie her hair back. The 56-year-old weather presenter said Stuart made the proposal as it was a “very windy” day and her hair was “blowing all over the place”. Recounting the events of Monday morning with her 153,000 Twitter followers, she said: “Very windy on the roof this morning. “Hair blowing all over the place…. Stuart our lovely Engineer has found some gaffer tape which he has offered to tie my hair down with…. WHAT?”

Commenting on the post, a fan of the star responded: “I see the gaffer tape didn’t work then Carol,” to which the meteorologist replied with two laughing face emojis.

Days earlier Carol had taken to her account to gush about radio presenter Zoe Ball ahead of her appearance on her BBC Radio 2 show.

The award-winning weather reporter often joins the Strictly: It Takes Two host on her programme to deliver the latest forecasts to listeners.

Before going on air last Thursday the TV star let fans know she would be taking to the airwaves shortly with Zoe, 48.

Sharing a shot from inside the studio of a monitor with a countdown of the time, she wrote on Twitter: “Just waiting to join GORGEOUS Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2.”

Carol is known for swooning over Zoe and previously complimented the mother-of-two on her appearance back in January.

Counting down the seconds until she appeared on Zoe’s radio show on January 16, she let her fans know she would be on air very soon.

On the micro-blogging website she told her thousands of followers when they could catch her on the show and used the opportunity to compliment the host.

“Just waiting to join GORGEOUS Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 at 0725,” she penned, before Zoe introduced her to the show.

“It’s time for some weather with the gorgeous Carol Kirkwood,” Zoe began. “Morning Carol, how are you today darling?”

“Good morning Zoe, [I’m] very well, thank you. How about yourself?” she responded.

At the time, the TV personality admitted she was finding the early starts difficult, with her saying: “Yeah second day it’s trickier getting up quite so early.

“But you know I’ll get the hang of it, I promise you Carol.”

Carol then exclaimed: “Oh you sound bright and sparkly!” to which, Zoe said: “Thank you darling, thank you.”

“You can’t see me that’s lucky,” she continued, before bursting into fit of laughter.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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