‘The View’ Feud Gets Worse — Watch Joy Behar & Meghan McCain Fight On The Air!

The View is supposed to be where ladies of lots of varying viewpoints can come together and have a civil conversation about hot topics.

Lately, that’s gotten a bit tougher…

Joy Behar has been less open-minded than she could be — and sometimes ends up not hearing the point someone is trying to make. Meanwhile Meghan McCain has been far too quick to play the victim and act like she’s being attacked every time anyone disagrees with her.

The two reportedly had a big fight behind the scenes last year; neither has been super successful at the kind of unity we need in the age of Donald Trump.

But the awkwardness came to a head ON THE AIR on Monday when the table was discussing Senator Amy Klobuchar, who announced she was running for president during a blizzard on Sunday — leading Trump to once again tweet something INCREDIBLY idiotic about “global warming”.

(Does he srsly believe the overall temperature of the earth can’t be on the rise because he sees snow? Is he a baby with no object permanence???)

While Joy was introducing the conversation, Meghan interjected, “This is real,” about Trump’s tweet.

Joy seemed to take offense at someone else talking during her intro, saying:

“Can I get through this, please?”

Dang, really? Are y’all both new to TV? Just keep going!

After a bit of conversation with no blowups, it turned out Meghan had been biting the eff out of her tongue. She said spitefully:

“Can I say something now? Is that okay, Joy? Do I have permission to speak now on Amy Klobuchar? We’re all good?”

Then she almost began to make a point before looking over at Joy — we’re not sure what look she received, but she stopped and went completely passive aggressive, saying:

“Nope, by all means, keep going, Joy.”

To which Joy gave up any pretense of professionalism and crossed her arms, saying:

“No, if you’re going to have a hissy fit, we can’t continue.”

Man, they are not even trying to hide this feud!

See the heated exchange (below)!

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