Awww! Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber Share the Same Hair Product

As if Hailey Baldwin Opens a New Window. and Justin Bieber Opens a New Window. couldn’t get any cuter, she went and told Marie Claire Opens a New Window. that she and her hubby share the same shampoo.

When breaking down her beauty routine Opens a New Window. for the April 2019 issue, she revealed that she’s in the process of repairing the damage bleaching did to her hair. “I toned it darker recently, just so I could give it a break for a second, because bleaching it is harsh,” she told the publication. “If I could be platinum forever, I would be, but it’s just so damaging.” So she keeps it healthy with Mane ’N Tail leave-in conditioner Opens a New Window. which she sprays over a pulled-back style almost as a hairspray. And in the shower she uses a Unite shampoo, which she shares with her also formerly bleached-haired husband.

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It’s actually not all that surprising to find out the Biebs is sharing this pick with his wife. After all, he has been a longtime fan of the brand. Back in 2014, he told Teen Vogue Opens a New Window. all about his extensive haircare routine Opens a New Window. , which was meant to help keep his bleached hair strong and healthy. He told the publication that the key is using a purple shampoo to tone it once a week. And one of his favorites was Unite’s Blonda Shampoo Opens a New Window. . “[It’s] a product that I love,” he said.

Other hair go-tos of his included L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair Lipidium Opens a New Window. as a moisturizing treatment and another product from Unite, their Creamy Paste, to style. So who knows, maybe it was the “Love Yourself” singer who turned his wife onto the brand!

Even though they have seem to have a lot of the same hair needs, skincare is not something the model and songwriter share. “We definitely don’t share skincare, though,” she told Marie Claire. “I moisturize with a cream by Dr. Barbara Sturm Opens a New Window. that’s formulated with my blood, so I don’t think he wants to put something that was made from my body on himself.”

He has been known to do some unconventional stuff, so who knows, maybe he wouldn’t care!

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