Betsey Johnson Just Released A Plus Size Summer Dress Line — And It’s All Under $100

When it comes to bold patterns, colorful styles, and a spirit of fun, Betsey Johnson may just be the designer to beat. The always smiling creator has one of the boldest and most recognizable styles out there, and now, the Betsey Johnson x Dia & Co collaboration is here to bring new pieces from the designer to plus size clothing.

If you aren’t familiar with Dia & Co, the company is a plus size clothing subscription box for sizes 14-32. Like other similar services, customers fill out a style profile and have a box of clothing specifically curated for them by a Dia & Co stylist. Once done, the box is sent to the customer for a $20 styling fee, and if they love what’s in their box, they can simply for the item and keep it. If not, just send the pieces back at no charge. Simple, right?

Thanks to the Betsey Johnson x Dia & Co collaboration, users of the service now have access to five dress silhouettes from the designer that haven’t been offered in plus sizes before. The five new pieces will be offered in sizes 14-24 and feature some of Johnson’s most iconic prints and styles.

How do you get in on the new pieces in the Betsey Johnson x Dia & Co collaboration? First, you’ll need to be a subscriber to the service. If you already are, then that’s great!

Once you’re signed up and ready for your style box, you’ll be able to pick from among five Betsey Johnson x Dia & Co dresses to be added to your subscription. There are actually three different spots for your own choices, so if you want use all of them to try on more than one Betsey Johnson dress, go for it. If you love the dress (or dresses depending on how many you select), just like with the other pieces in your box, you can purchase it. Plus, regardless of which frock you choose, all five are under $100.

Of the collaboration with Johnson, Dia & Co CEO and co-founder Nadia Boujarwah says that both the company and the designer have shared goals of encouraging women to embrace boldness through fashion. She explains that both Dia & Co and Betsey Johnson are, "creating a space for women to be unapologetically colorful and bold, where everyone can express themselves through style."

As for Johnson, she loves Dia & Co commitment to understanding women’s styles. "I loved partnering with Dia&Co because they ‘get you,’" she explains, "They want their pieces to feel really good…it’s all about the feel. Every woman should feel fabulous whatever size they are. I love to design for women of all sizes because they are beautiful and they always will be.”

If you want to shop the new Betsey Johnson x Dia & Co collection, the pieces are available now at the Dia & Co website. Make sure you’re signed up for a subscription first, and then get ready to have the Betsey Johnson dress of your dress arrive right at your front door.

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