Incredible £13 fabric shaver has racked up over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon from customers who say its makes their bobbly jumpers 'look as good as new'

But while we've spent years simply running a disposable razor over our clothes in the hopes that it will sort all our fashion woes, a certain £13 fabric shaver may be about to come to the rescue of our tatty wardrobes.

  • Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver, £13 from Amazon – buy now

Yes Philips' GC026 Fabric Shaver has racked up over 1000 five-star reviews left by customers who say it's given their wardrobes "a new lease of life".

And while it may not have the most eye-catching of names, this handy battery-powered device works to shave pesky bobbles off both clothing and furniture without causing any damage.

In fact, it's so gentle and effective that it can even be used on cashmere i.e. the most delicate and fussy fabric of all time.

Flooding the ingenious device with praise, one impressed customer labelled it "an amazing bit of kit".

Describing how the nifty gadget had got her jumper "looking as good as new", the user wrote: "I don't often leave reviews but this little thing is amazing!

"Having spent a fair amount of money on a lambs wool jumper from a UK department store, I was horrified when within two wears it looked like something out of the rag bag."

Despite using a recommended wool comb, the woman was horrified when it only made the pilling worse.

Having already been recommended the Philips fabric shaver, the woman bought it on a whim was was delighted when her jumper was "wearable again" after just once use.

Meanwhile, one impressed mum left a similarly glowing review.

Having used it on a pair of adorable baby socks, the woman wrote: "Work a treat. Jumpers, hats, socks and bed sheets all looking like new.

"I used it on the pink socks in this photo."

Another added: "I've been using this as much as I can on every garment. Gloves, bra straps, inside fleecy thermal tops, my favourite socks… everything looks newer."

But it's not just clothes that this affordable fabric shaver works a treat on.

Other impressed customers have posted impressive before-and-after photos of the effects the product has on furniture and soft furnishings.

One wrote: "This is a great product, completely rejuvenated our sofa and cushions, simple to use and massively improved the look of the items we used it on."

Another five-star review read: "Brilliant, used it to revamp jumpers, scarves, blankets and even our sofa cushions. Everything looks like new!"

Now for the most important question of all: can we justify spending £4 more to get the fabric shaver in pink? Asking for a friend…

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