Piers Morgan admits he LOVES model's 'beguiling' monobrow as she reveals she gets death threats over her unique look

Greek-Cypriot Sophia Hadjipantel is making waves in the fashion world with her unique look, which Piers Morgan and her boyfriend are both big fans of.

Chatting with Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid, the student revealed she gets trolled online over her eyebrows.

But despite the negative comments she receives, Piers said he was “feeling” her look, saying: “This is a very unusual look you sport, oddly in the flesh its weirdly beguiling. I’m feeling it.”

The 22-year-old said she “gets that response from a lot people”, before adding: “When you first see it you’re like woah, but then it sort of grows on you a bit – no pun intended.”

Sophia, from Maryland, uses special oil on her brow and tints it darker to make it stand out, and told Susanna there was no particular moment where she decided to stop plucking her brows.

She said: “I wish I could tell you that there was one specific moment where, something happened or someone’s opinion swayed me otherwise.”

But Piers, 53, praised her unique look, telling her: “I think you look fabulous, and I don’t really get why anyone would be so incense by perfectly natural eyebrows that they’d want to harm you.

“There a kind of sexist double standard here where a man can have bushy eyebrows, and everyone says oh that looks fantastic, but if a woman does it, suddenly it’s an obscenity.”

Sophia, in the UK spending time with her British boyfriend, agreed saying people brand her “disgusting” and “unkempt”.

Her boyfriend is a fan of the brows – and watches her tint them.

Sophia said: "He loves it. He used to have a unibrow when he was little.

"I tint my eyebrows, because I naturally have dark eyebrows but they’re obviously not this dark.

"And so whenever I’m tinting it hem he always get so interested in what I’m doing."

Piers even compared the lovebird's brows, saying "they’re not massively different to his".

Despite both men being fans, trolls have gone as far to issue death threats to the model, founder of the online #unibrow movement.

She told Piers: “A lot of the negativity I get is from online mostly, and then in person people are just a bit unsure of how to take it.

“Because it’s kind of odd to see someone who looks like me walking in the street.”

Despite her individuality gaining her nearly 300k followers on Instagram, Sophia revealed she gets swamped with negative comments.

She said: “It’s disgusting, but then in a way you think how is it that something somewhere someone has told this person that it’s so unacceptable to look the way I do that infuriates them to the point they have to threaten my life?

“And I think that it really has to do with this ongoing conversation that we’re being brought up in a society that really not only favourites but encourages people to go down one road.”

Piers said it’s “disgusting” people would threaten her life over her eyebrows, with Susanna adding Sophia was a “beautiful woman”.

And she’s developed a thick skin over years, telling the hosts: “I’m quite eccentric with my outfits, and I love changing my look and I never really based a lot of my self-confidence off of how others treated me because in school.

“I was bullied a lot for things which were not focused on my face – my outfits, having parents who are immigrants who didn’t speak English, being the smallest in my class, and growing up in quite a conservative area of Maryland, being different is not really accepted.

“I hate to say bullying but that sort of challenged me and made me develop quite strong.”

Piers wrapped the interview by telling Susanna she should try out a monobrow herself.

Sophia Hadjipanteli previously said she’ll keep her monobrow ‘forever’.

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