The Summer Outfit I Didn't See Coming — and Can't Stop Wearing

The Summer Outfit I Didn’t See Coming — and Can’t Stop Wearing

Maybe it’s a reaction to the school dress code I grew up with, but as an adult, I’m quite the opposite of a uniform dresser. I admire women with a go-to look, but that’s very rarely me. Usually, I’m cobbling together an outfit, guided solely by the dress code, my mood — maybe hormones — and a leap of faith. It makes things fun (if a little chaotic), and keep things interesting. So while I know there’s a simpler life out there, I had all but decided it wasn’t for me, until I spied a street style trend taking over in Copenhagen, and most recently, Australia Fashion Week.

Apparently, suits styled with flat sandals is the coolest combination my wardrobe’s been missing. Quite literally, it’s breezy and easy in the heat, but figuratively speaking, it’s also fresh and fashion-forward, and style-savvy without appearing overdone (one of the main requirements for my wardrobe). I remember seeing flip-flops styled with suits at Tibi’s Spring 2019 show and admiring the effortlessness of it all.

Seeing the street style set bring it to life was the reminder I needed to make the look my own. I love the way the suit — a piece of clothing so often associated with buttoned-up businessmen and boardrooms — becomes laid-back and undone. It’s the suit on vacation! Add flat sandals of any kind and the whole vibe softens, the silhouette relaxes, and it doesn’t look at all like something you’d wear to work (you could, of course!), but something that begs to be worn for an occasion far cooler than that.

The formula is easy, but the impact is major. It’s the look of someone who knows fashion and dresses well. It’s uniform dressing at its best, and I’m all in this time. Read on for the looks that convinced me, and you might just be ditching your Summer dress for the freshest iteration of the suit thus far.

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