This 2-Second Style Hack Will Make Your Blazer Infinitely More Flattering

This 2-Second Style Hack Will Make Your Blazer Infinitely More Flattering

Blazers can often feel like a trip to snoozesville. You know the kind: single-breasted, usually black, navy, or gray, kind of blah (you’re getting very sleepy. . .). Though classic and “essential” for work, these versions very easily feel stale after a few too many wears, but what other option is there when a denim jacket or utility anorak doesn’t work, at work?

There are also the types of blazers that are having a “moment” (fashion speak for items you’ve scrolled past a million times on Instagram): big n’ boxy fits (which aren’t always flattering), super-sized shoulders (which is a bit, uh, bold), and perplexingly sexy cuts (did you know cutout blazers are a thing?!). Not exactly standard for the office and generally the kind of garment that causes quizzical stares when passing through the cubical rows.

Breathing new life into a blazer is hard! But there’s a two-second style hack you can try that’s not only refreshing, but flattering, too. Are you awake yet? Maybe take a sip a coffee. OK: belting your blazer. Woo-eee! You’re jolted.

While you probably reach for a belt to hoist up pants or cinch a flowing dress, it’s a genius move to fasten one over your blazer to give it a new look whether you prefer a skinny shape, unique buckle, or textured print. Sure, it’s an extra step in the getting ready process, but a belt will add interest to any blazer-centric outfit that feels like it’s missing something and enhance your figure at once (because, no, it’s not enough to simply button your blazer closed and call it a day).

If you’re feeling uncertain about the whole belt-over-a-blazer thing, check out 19 ultra-stylish and easy-to-re-create outfits ahead. You’ll quickly realize how simple the concept is and (hopefully) become convinced to try it for yourself. Oh, and one more thing: if you’re not stocked on blazers and belts, we put together an edit of under-$50 blazers to shop from the POPSUGAR at Kohl’s collection with stylish belts to complement them.

To quote Ciara, “Let me see you one, two step” your next blazer look.

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