Jess From ‘Queer Eye’ Is Still Rocking Those Great Jackets The Fab Five Gave Her

Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 3. Part of the excitement of the Queer Eye reboot is that unlike its predecessor, the show is not limiting itself to applying a Queer Eye to a Straight Guy in most of its episodes. While many of the show’s early clientele have been straight white men, the episode "Black Girl Magic" introduces Jess, a gay black woman looking to find her place in the world. Looking at Jess from Queer Eye now that her episode has aired, it seems that the show has given her a crucial boost of confidence and a simple but powerful mantra to repeat to herself — that she is a "a strong, black, lesbian woman," and that is worth celebrating.

Following the release of Queer Eye Season 3, Jess Guilbeaux took to Instagram to tell any inquisitive viewers that "this experience was life changing for me. i learned how to love my natural curls, love my highly melanated skin, and all of what makes up who i am (a fierce gay kween™️)" The positivity that the Fab Five instilled in her is still present in her Instagram feed, where she shows off the tips that Jonathan Van Ness and Tan France passed on to style herself in a way that helps her feel comfortable in her own skin.

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