‘One Piece’ Episode 865 Spoilers: Rayleigh Flashback Guides Luffy In Katakuri Fight, Nami Tortures Zeus

One Piece Episode 865, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom Pirates sweet commander Charlotte Katakuri. Luffy is still having a hard time dealing with Emperor Big Mom’s right-hand man, but he is starting to figure something out after remembering his training with Silvers Rayleigh.

As everyone knows, after the Marineford War, Rayleigh convinced Luffy to postpose his reunion with his friends and train for two years. The Roger Pirates vice-captain decided to personally train Luffy after seeing some of the qualities of Gol D. Roger in him. In the flashback shown at One Piece Episode 865, Rayleigh was teaching Luffy about improving the Haki of the Color of Observation.

Rayleigh told Luffy that every attack has an intent and a hint. Luffy applied those things in his battle against Katakuri, and he surprisingly succeeded in dodging some of the powerful attacks of the enemy. Katakuri has already started to notice the changes in Luffy’s moves. In the final scenes of One Piece Episode 865, the sweet general speculated that Luffy is also trying to slightly predict the future just like him.

A huge improvement in his Haki of the Color of Observation is one of the major things Luffy needs to beat a formidable opponent like Katakuri. One Piece Episode 865 could finally feature Luffy mastering the technique and succeeding to land critical strikes to Katakuri.

While Luffy and Katakuri are having an epic battle in the Mirror World, One Piece Episode 865 introduced Charlotte Linlin’s 33rd daughter, Charlotte Flampe. Flampe is a 15-year-old girl who has a huge admiration for her big brother, Katakuri. Flampe is the president of the Katakuri fan club and the captain of the Suicide Squad. Flampe is aiming to win the “Best Little Sister Award.”

One Piece Episode 865 showed what happened after Brook and Nami took down Emperor Big Mom. After launching a successful attack, the Strawhat Pirates had a higher chance of escaping from the enemy. On his way back to the Thousand Sunny, Brook managed to capture Zeus, who lost all his energy after discharging a tremendous amount of electricity.

Nami immediately grabbed Zeus and gave him an evil look. Nami expressed her desire to take revenge after Zeus tried to strike her with lightning. The Strawhat Pirates navigator gave Zeus two options: become her servant or die. Despite not having Zeus on her side, Emperor Big Mom still continues her chase of the Strawhat Pirates by riding on Prometheus.

In the preview for One Piece Episode 866, Emperor Big Mom will manage to catch up with the Strawhat Pirates for the second time. Luckily, Vinsmoke Sanji will come to save them and give Emperor Big Mom the delicious wedding cake.

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