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Dancing on Ice's Jason Gardiner starts another feud – but this time with Jane Danson

The 47-year-old judge- who is known for his 'icy' critique'- entered into the war of words by remarking that the actress 'wanted to go out' as her performance 'lacked dance content'.

Jane, 40, performed a cowboy style routine to Kylie Minogue's song, Dancing, however her impressive lifts and line dancing on ice didn't seem to impress Jason as he launched into a bitter critique after awarding her the lowest score.

He said: "Do you want to go out Jane Danson, because that lacked a lot of dance content for me and the dance that you did do was very basic, which is why I understand why you put all that production in to mask the fact that there wasn't a hell of a lot going on."

But, Jane wasn't ready to take the comments lightly, as she hit back: "Well you know what, I always tell my kids to do the best you can do. I did the best I could tonight and I take your comment totally on board, I did my best and it wasn't good enough, but hey."

However, clearly wanting to have the last word, Jason replied: "But you can improve and it's not good enough, you're still not hitting things properly and hitting lines that you should, because your postural lines are terrible- fix it."

It seemed that the actress hadn't let the comments get to her, as she continued to put on a brave face and laughed as the audience booed the judge's nasty comments.

Jane later took to social media to post a picture of her smiling as well as joke about her failed attempt at the piggyback lift, she said: "Omg my piggyback was hilarious! Thanks for voting guys – i had a blast"

Many fans began commenting on the snap, congratulating the actress on her performance and telling her to ignore Jason's comments.

One wrote: "Well done Jane. You didn’t deserve the harsh criticism from Jason. Keep going"

While another commented: "You did great tonight, I thought what Chris said was spot on and ignore Jason I would like to see him do it! x"

A third wrote: "A couple mishaps, but you did well. Glad you went through. Keep working hard and shut Jason up next week!"

This isn't the first time that Jason has got into a row with a contestant this series, after he was told to "shut up" by Gemma Collins during last week's show.

Following her highly anticipated performance- following the exclusive interview the judge gave to The Sun Online- Gemma – who scored a total of 13 out of a possible 40 for her skate – admitted she had a hard week.

She shared: "It's been a hell of a week and it's really knocked my confidence a bit too much. I enjoyed it tonight and I had fun and that's what I've come out to do."

But her complaints fell on deaf ears as Jason gave his verdict and told her she needed to improve in a scathing critique.

As the atmosphere turned very frosty,  he said: "I know you were channelling Marilyn Monroe … There wasn't any elegance like you were saying in the VT. She has to be elegant. She is a woman in control of her femininity. You were all over the place hun.

"And as Ashley said, there's not enough skating. This is your second skate now. You need to up the ante. We're not going to see big lifts from you. We're not going to get any impressive moves."

However, before he could continue, she interjected and fumed: "Can I just say one thing? Maybe if you didn't sell stories on me, I wouldn't have been so upset this week. So take that! Boring, boring! Don't sell stories on me."

When he tried to argue back she told him to “shut up” and started shouting that he was “boring.”

However, Jason fought back more telling the television personality: "This doesn't help your cause. It shows you're just a brat. Listen to what we're saying."

Dan Wootton later revealed that the judge has threatened the Towie star with legal action following the incident.

An insider said: “Jason has made Gemma aware that he intends to sue her. He’s livid.

“He insists that all he did was give an interview to The Sun, where he was asked about lots of things, including Gemma.

“She’s very stressed about the idea of being sued and she wants the situation to die down so she can focus on her skating. “This has become the biggest reality show war ever.”

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