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‘I won’t give Johnny a 10 until he stops acting’, says DWTS ‘Mr Nasty’ Brian Redmond

Dancing With The Stars judge Brian Redmond, dubbed ‘Mr Nasty’ by some viewers, has said he won’t be awarding former Love/Hate star Johnny Ward a 10 “until he stops acting”.

Redmond has maintained his reputation of being the toughest judge on the RTE show’s panel.

On Sunday, he helped eliminate actress Demi Isaac Oviawe (18) from the show, despite comedian Fred Cooke falling mid-performance in a dance-off.

Every week, Redmond has also repeatedly criticised Ward, who has proved his “technical” ability, but failed to show himself, according to the judge.

“I was tempted to give Johnny a 10 but I want more from him and if I give him a 10, he thinks he’s there and he’s not,” Redmond said.

“And the reason he’s not there is because he’s a great actor, but he’s still acting.

“For me, anyone who acts a performance through from start to finish won’t get a 10 because it’s not real.

“It’s only when they actually believe in what they’re doing themselves and open themselves up and expose their own personality, it can be that really high score.”

Speaking to Ward, he said: “You’re a great actor.

“Technically, you can put in good performances. Now just be Johnny Ward.

“I think I’ve met the actor but I don’t think I’ve met Johnny Ward and until I do, he won’t get a 10.”

He stated that though he felt Ward could well win a place in the final along with a talented female dancer, he had failed to get in touch with his “softer” side on the dancefloor.

He criticised Ward for “attacking” his dance routines and for playing Batman during one of the softer routines possible, the Viennese waltz.

“The waltz was the one dance that gave him the chance to be lighter and softer,” Redmond said.

“But it was movie week and he goes out as Batman and makes it harsh. We’ve never seen a softer side to Johnny.”

On his reputation as the toughest judge, Redmond said: “It doesn’t bother me as it’s always founded in fact, it’s never made up or contrived.”

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