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Manhunt reaches terrifying climax as ITV drama about Levi Bellfield murders sees serial killer 'hiding in loft' – leaving fans petrified

The three part series came to a dramatic conclusion on Tuesday, with detectives arresting sick Bellfield in the final episode.

After descending on his home his terrified partner, who has been called Laura Marsh in the dramatisation, told police he was hiding in the loft.

The coppers appeared reluctant to enter without protection, knowing the psycho clamper and bouncer's strength.

The enclosed space at first seemed empty until a glimpse of fleshy arm and colourful tattoo came to light.

People at home were terrified of the scene, as one person said: "Watching the final #Manhunt quite creepy when you know it’s all true."

Another said: "Full on had visions of him jumping out then like some horror movie"

One more said: "Watching the last episode of #Manhunt. It’s only been 2 mins ands it’s already gripping"

Later, Laura was interviewed and she revealed the extent of Bellfield's control over her. She said: "He made me feel so special. He made me feel safe.

"It was little things, he'd ask 'Why do you need to see your mum so much. Why do you need to go out with your friends? Aren't I enough?"

She added: "On the news it said you found Amelie's stuff by Walton Bridge. He raped my under Walton Bridge."

His ex, Joe Collings, 47, has revealed to The Sun Online that the ITV drama has brought back memories of one particularly chilling clue to her ex’s vile crimes.

She told Sun Online: “While we were together I found a women’s magazine, like Cosmo or Vogue, in a black bin bag in a pocket cut out of his jacket.

"It was hanging in my garage and I was looking for something else. The faces of all the blonde women in the magazine had been stabbed.

“I went mad. We had one of the biggest fights ever – a huge punch up. I wanted to know what it was, and told him he was a sick c***.

“Seeing it just brought everything back. I think he hated blondes as his mum had jet black hair and he idolised her, really bizarrely. She was the female version of him, and was vile.”

Joe – who was routinely raped and beaten by the man who fathered two of her children – later took the magazine to the police, as revealed yesterday in our exclusive extract from the memoirs of DCI Colin Sutton, the man who finally tracked serial killer Levi Bellfield down.

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