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‘SNL’: “Them Trumps” Head To State Of The Union, But Will They Get There?

“Them Trumps” (“from the producers of Empire”) returned to Saturday Night Live this week just in time to weigh in on Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Kenan Thompson returned as Darius Trump, his Lucious Lyon/Trump hybrid, with his team (wife Malika, played by Leslie Jones), Darius Jr (Chris Redd) and L’evanka (Ego Nwodim), who are headed with Halsey’s presidential advisor in the limo to the Capitol to deliver the speech.

Discussion ensue about concerns over scandals like the lawsuits related to Trump Perm Academy (best prop of the night there) and Robert Mueller, with Darius saying don’t worry about it because he “keeps his white boys on a leash.”

Whether they actually arrive to deliver the speech might have to be continued, however.

Check out the skit above.

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