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Jeremy Kyle confronts knife-carrying gang members who say they must get revenge after watching pal bleed to death in front of their eyes

THIS is the shocking moment TV's Jeremy Kyle was threatened by a masked gang member as he questioned him about Britain's knife epidemic.

The presenter, 53, was told "you're being rude" by the balaclava-clad thug as he filmed for last night's episode of The Kyle Files.

He was interviewing gang members as part of a special episode on blades.

One gang member aggressively asked "where are you from" – by the daytime telly host snapped back "what's it to you?"

Taking a step forwards, he thug added: "I ask you a simple question just answer it. You don't want to turn your back and walk off from me.

"You're basically making me look like a d***head in front of my boys."

Without breaking eye contact, Jeremy asked if he had ever seen somebody die.

The yob replied: "Yeah I've seen him get chivved, his neck, everywhere."

The thug then revealed the bizarre code of revenge that rules the lives of knife obsessives.

He added: "He died by his knife. So for me to make sure my brethren rest in peace I gotta make him die by my knife.

"There's no changing. The only way you can get out of the gang is to go to the next country."

The show saw Jeremy accompany cops on a raid, before interviewing grieving parents who had lost their kids to knife crime.

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