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Killer mum and daughter fell prey to online DEATH CULT in days before massacring family in murder-suicide, relatives say

Cops were called to a flat in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, on Monday afternoon and found all five victims – including nine-year-old twins – dead inside a single bedroom.

Court documents show the two survivors – Shana Decree, 45, and her daughter Dominique, 19 – told investigators the entire family was contemplating suicide before the gruesome night, ABC reports.

A half-sister of the victims, named Destiny Harris, said: "They were all going through something religiously and they decided to drag the kids into it.”

Destiny said she didn't know if someone online was directing the family to commit the terrible crime.

The ex-husband of the accused mother, and father of the accused daughter, said the pair were involved in “some type of cult” that they found online.

Damon Decree told ABC News: “I don't know how or what kind of cult, and they were talking about demons being all around them.”

They were talking about demons being all around them

"I don't want them in no insane asylum, I want to see them in jail for the rest of their lives.”

Police have not released an official motive for the murders.

The victims have been named as Shana's daughter, 25-year-old Naa’Irah Smith, her son, 13-year-old Damon Decree Jr., her sister, Jamilla Campbell, 42, and twin nieces Imani and Erika Allen.

Shana and Dominique were taken into police custody after the slaying, and are each facing face five counts of homicide and one count of conspiracy.

Legal papers state that Dominique said her mother choked three of the victims, Campbell killed another and then she, in turn, killed Campbell.

The child victims' names were redacted on the police report so it is not known exactly who killed who.


According to detectives, Dominique – who was taken to hospital with neck injuries – initially asked if her family was still alive. She then reportedly said she wanted to die.

Shana originally claimed Jamilla Campbell's boyfriend and two unknown men were responsible for the slaughter.

She later told police that everyone at the apartment, including the young twins and Damon Jr., "wanted to die" and had openly discussed suicide.

The mother and daughter then reportedly confessed to the murders of their family members.

Dominique allegedly admitted strangling Campbell and said she and her mother murdered two of the children and Smith.

Dominique also claimed that Campbell choked one of the children to death, though it’s not clear which one.


The bodies were found around 4pm Monday by a caseworker, who was conducting a wellness check at the home.

Inside the first-floor apartment, there was “broken glass and clutter throughout” and Shana and Dominique appeared disorientated, the affidavit said.

The victims were either lying on the floor or crammed into a bed in one of the bedrooms.

A friend of the victims told NBC10 in Philadelphia that a landlord had been called to carry out a check on the residents.

"I saw the landlord and said, ‘What’s going on?’," the friend said.

"And she said, ‘We are doing a welfare check because trash is piled up out there for a while to see if they are alright.'"

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub told a press conference: “This is a terrible tragedy.

"I just spoke with the family of the five of the deceased and we’re all heartbroken.”

Speaking to the Bucks County Courier Times, he added: "The people that committed these atrocious acts are in custody and we’ll make them pay for their crimes.”

Cops also revealed Dominique and Shana were found in a disorientated state when they first arrived at the scene.

They added the apartment was in "disarray", with broken drywall and broken glass, overturned furniture, and other clutter.

Campbell's son, whose whereabouts were unknown Monday evening, has since been located and is safe.

A version of this story originally appeared on New York Post.

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