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Michael Days was murdered by ​Pamela Lawson and Lekev Spivey – Snapped: Killer Couples spotlights the case

Michael Days was murdered in the home he shared with his girlfriend Pamela Lawson. Snapped: Killer Couples on Oxygen examines the case.

November 12, 2014, on West 46th Street, Cleveland and Lawson made a 911 call to report that her boyfriend, Days, had been shot by a masked intruder.

Lawson and Days had been living together and detectives initially thought she was a victim herself, perhaps being lucky to survive the attack. As were the three small children who were also in the house when the gunman killed Days with a single shot.

However, evidence soon emerged that Lawson had been texting Spivey about how they would kill Days. The texts also revealed that Lawson’s motive was that of revenge for what she said was Days’ cheating with another woman.

The pair were soon arrested and in May 2015 they both pleaded guilty to aggravated murder.

Lawson, 31, was sentenced to 33 years to life and Spivey, 23, was given 28 years to life.

At the time of the sentencing, the prosecutor said the pair had shown no regards for human life and that Lawson had chosen to murder her boyfriend rather than simply leave him.

Lawson appealed her sentence in 2016 but the Appeals Court of Ohio affirmed it.

Snapped: Killer Couples – Pamela Lawson and Lekev Spivey airs at 9:00 p.m. on Oxygen.

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