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Spring Break 2019 sees drunk students descend on beach to guzzle booze, twerk and pass out in outrageous parties

Wild party pics show South Padre Island in Texas, US, hosting hundreds of boozed-up guys and girls in colourful bikinis drinking, dancing and soaking up the sun.

The small island is home to around 2,800 people but is transformed during spring break into a party hotspot where thousands of students stay for around a week.

The island is a popular getaway for students as it offers beaches, a pier, as well as bars and restaurants for boozy college undergrads to keep busy before going back to uni.

Pictures show the students chugging beers and attending beach raves on the sunny island.

Other images show guys and girls crowd-surfing, fondling and even twerking while letting loose on their week-long break from studies.

One picture shows rapper Cardi B taking the stage in front of the drunk uni students.

Other pics show girls in bathing suits being picked up by guys during the long awaited party-fest.

Another girl is seen climbing to the top of a Fraternity flag pole surrounded by thousands of other students.

One hilarious pic shows loved-up couples in the background behind a lad chugging two beers simultaneously.

Clouds of vape smoke are seen hanging over the formerly pristine sand.

Spring break, which falls anytime between March 1 to April 30, sees millions of American students flock to hot beaches and party before returning back to uni.

Boozy students spent around £2.3million on alcohol last year on South Padre Island alone.

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