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Woman gives birth during party in Russia – ‘then throws child in bin’

Woman gives birth during a party in Russia – ‘then throws the child in a dumpster so she can keep on boozing with friends’

  • Mother-of-two Yulia, 31, gave birth to her son over the toilet in her flat, police say
  • She was partying with friends when she went into labour in the city of Ryazan
  • Yulia allegedly put her newborn into a trash bag and threw him into a dumpster
  • Infant heard wailing by a passerby and was rushed to hospital with hypothermia

A mother allegedly threw her newborn son into a dumpster just after delivering him so she could continue to party with friends.

Mother-of-two Yulia, 31, was in the middle of a boozy party with her friends when she started having contractions in Ryazan city, in western Russia’s Ryazan Oblast region.

She locked herself in the toilet and gave birth to her son while sitting on the loo, police say.

The umbilical cord reportedly fell off in the process and Yulia did not have to cut it.

A passerby heard the infant crying after he was allegedly dumped outside the apartment in Ryazan in western Russia’s Ryazan Oblast region (there is no suggestion Yulia is pictured)

Yulia, 31, is said to have given birth to her son over the toilet in an extremely intoxicated state during a house party

After giving birth, the mother put her newborn son and placenta into a rubbish bag then carried him out in the street and threw him away in a dumpster, authorities say.

After getting rid of the child, Yulia returned to her flat and continued partying with her friends.

Local media report the newborn boy spent about two hours in the dumpster before a female passer-by heard his cry and called emergency services.

The boy was found naked and covered with blood inside a rubbish bag.

The child was rushed to the intensive care unit in a life-threatening condition. His body temperature was just 75F (24C) after he spent several hours in freezing temperatures.

He was diagnosed with hypothermia and his organs were shutting down, reports say.

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Ryazan Oblast region ombudsman Ekaterina Mukhina said: ‘Doctors did everything possible to save the baby’s life.’

The police found Yulia, partying with friends in her flat when they checked the residents living in a block of flats nearby to the dumpster.

The officers searched her flat and found blood in the toilet and bathroom as well as other evidence.

Yulia said to the police that she got rid of her newborn son so she could continue to party with friends.

Yulia was arrested and charged with attempted murder of a newborn baby.

Investigative Committee spokeswoman Anzhelika Yevdokimova said: ‘The mother said that she did not want this baby. She did not even check if it was a boy or a girl before throwing it away. During the arrest, she was heavily intoxicated with alcohol.’

The mother-of-two has lost custody of her children who are to be given up for adoption after she was arrested for attempted murder

Traces of blood were left across the flat, as well as a large bucket full of blood left in the bath

Yulia worked as a street cleaner. She has two children aged three and four. She is going to be deprived of parental rights due to the incident. Her children will be placed in an orphanage, reports say.

Russian Investigative Committee spokesman Aleksandr Sanferov said: ‘She [Yulia] did not even have to cut the umbilical cord as it had fallen off on its own. It is possible that alcohol relaxed her muscles and the delivery was fast and easy.

‘She did not tell her friends about the baby and just continued partying after getting rid of it.’

The suspect faces up to five years in prison if found guilty.

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