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Women in short skirts and plunging neck lines more likely to be promoted, study finds

But they are assumed to be lazier and to have done worse at uni than those in a suit or long dress.

Yet older adults say women who opt for the “sexy” look are still likely to have an advantage over those who dress “professionally”.

Researchers showed 573 people photos of 37 female graduates — one group in provocative outfits and the other reserved.

The panel, which included professors, other female students and adults from the wider population, graded the pictures. All groups scored the women in the revealing outfits as sexier, likely to have performed worse in their degree and to have worked less hard.

Female students thought dressing in this way was also likely to harm their chances of getting a job and climbing the career ladder.

But the professors and other adults scored the sexier dressers as most likely to do well.

Study leader Dr Fabio Fasoli, of the University of Surrey, said: “The intelligence and competence of females is unfairly linked to how they present themselves.

“It is often thought that how we dress is a reflection of our personality but this may not be the case for women, given that they are constantly scrutinised for their appearance.”

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