5 Indie Beauty Founders Share Their Biggest Piece of Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Lauren Napier, Makeup Artist and Founder of Lauren Napier Beauty

Starting your own company is a bold, life-changing move. Building a business from scratch takes a unique vision, courage, and more hard work than many people could even imagine. Entrepreneurship comes with many obstacles, and those obstacles are even greater for Black-owned business founders.

In truth, there still aren’t enough Black-owned, women-led businesses out there due to systemic issues like inequity and a lack of support, and representation in the beauty industry is even more scarce — but that’s finally starting to change. The market for indie beauty brands is thriving and so many Black-owned businesses are shining.

Ahead, we’re spotlighting five über-sucessful beauty business owners, and asked them to share their biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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