Ariana Grandes Makeup Brand, r.e.m. beauty, Is Available Right Now

Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated r.e.m. beauty makeup line just dropped and is available to shop now. The first release is called Chapter One: Ultraviolet, and it features 12 products (and many more individual shades) to cover all the essentials you’d ever need for your lips and eyes.

Grande excitedly met with beauty editors over Zoom last week to talk about the brand, the new products, and what fans can expect from her first makeup line. “I decided to name it r.e.m., because I feel like that song really encompasses a lot of my favorite parts of my sound sonically,” she said. “And also, REM stands for rapid eye movement: focusing on dreams and focusing on the eyes, and eyes being kind of like our best way to articulate—better than you can with words sometimes.”

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The singer has always been heavily influenced aesthetically by ’60s retro-futurism, and these products are no exception. The lipsticks are housed in tubes that look like little astronaut suits, with all the packaging meant to look like “a prop from either Star Trek or Black Mirror,” she said. As far as celebrity makeup brands go, some of r.e.m.’s packaging feels truly fresh and exciting—and we hope the next chapters are even more playful.

Where r.e.m. really shines, though, is in the lip category. There are three products worth picking up here: the $17 Utmost Importance Plumping Lip Gloss in clear, $16 Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker, and $17 On Your Collar Plumping Lip Gloss (though you should buy one of the $19 matte lipsticks even if just to stare at the adorable packaging). The glosses are tingly and minty in a nostalgic kind of way, and make lips look a little poutier with each swipe. We also have never met a lip stain we didn’t love, and Grande’s marker version is easy to trace across your entire lips, as well as define your Cupid’s bow.

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“The glosses come in nine shades, and the names are all kind of nostalgic, like the ’90s: away messages, jelly sandals, and scrunchies. It was just like pulling for things that make us feel warm and nostalgic, because it makes me happy. This scent is, like, vanilla, minty, yummy, delicious scent, and it’s super plumping,” she said. “I have to say it’s one of my favorite glosses I’ve ever seen in my life. The plump was very important to me, because I just remember being in middle school and having Lip Venom on.”

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But Grande loves the clear version of the gloss—which can be layered on top of the matte lipsticks—the most. “These are in my top-three favorite things in Chapter One. It’s just the perfect clear top coat,” she said. “My favorite thing to do is pair this with my other favorites from Chapter One. First, the Practically Permanent Lip Marker. I’ve always loved stains more than lip liner or lipstick, because I feel like it’s going to be there for you. You know, we gotta work, we gotta do things. Also, it doesn’t move.”

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For eyes, there are 21(!) shades of liquid eyeshadow, which are pigmented and creamy, and easy to blend with just your finger. The $17 pencil liners are perfectly fine; we like the crisp white shade the most for tracing along the inner waterline or for creating mod eye looks. There are two mascaras—one volumizing and one for lengthening—that are $15 apiece. There are also three six-pan shadow palettes, $24 each, that blend like a dream. For false lash fans, there are two $16 sets called Eternally Meowing and Grow n Show. Our favorite eye product is actually the $19 At the Borderline Eyeliner Marker in Midnight Black. The tapered tip makes creating Grande-level cat-eyes truly effortless. “It’s super precise,” the singer said, though she admitted it still takes “prayer and patience” to nail the look.

Last but not least, there are 10 Interstellar pressed-powder highlighters, $22 each, that lend a soft—but still shimmery—glow.

As for what’s next for r.e.m. beauty, Grande confirmed that foundations and concealers are on the way. So stay tuned for Chapter Two.

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