How to make yourself look more awake in 10 seconds

Feeling sleepy? You’re not alone. But according to one make-up artist, there’s a quick and easy way to look more alert.

Despite knowing how important sleep is, some of us may be finding that staying up too late, getting a bad night’s sleep or recurring vivid dreams are leaving us feeling more tired than ever. Plus, with video meetings still very much being a norm, (and the strange tendency to stare at ourselves throughout the entire call), you may be more aware of how tired you look, too.

But according to Hector Espinal, global make-up artist for Fenty Beauty, there’s a quick and easy way to make yourself look fresh and more alert, and the answer lies in mascara. 

When it comes to applying mascara, most of us will hastily brush the wand through our lashes, coating them in multiple layers. But Espinal told us that there’s a specific technique we should be adopting: the direction we swoop our lashes in.

“When I apply mascara, I think about my hands,” he explains to “Spread your fingers out – this is how your lashes should look.

“Your little finger is your tear duct, your ring, middle and index fingers are the centre of your lashes and your thumb is the outer corner. So when applying mascara, you need to take your lashes into these directions.”

To do this, Espinal recommends following three steps. “On the the inner corners, push your wand inwards, in the centre sweep upwards and on the outer corners, push your lashes outwards.

“Doing this fans out your lashes and accentuates the natural shape of your eye, making you look more awake.”

Feeling inspired to give it a go? Here’s some of our favourite mascara that will swoop your lashes into place and help it look like you got a good night’s sleep on your next Zoom call…

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