ICYMI, TikTok users are curling their eyelashes upside down for extra length

Written by Morgan Fargo

Turns out we’ve been using our eyelash curler the wrong way around all along.

Blessed with short straight lashes, there’s little to pique my interest more than an eyelash hack. From innovative mascara formulations to ingenious ways to apply said mascara, my eyes and ears are always open to easy enhancements. So, when on my nightly TikTok doomscroll I spy an eyelash curling trick that seems to work a treat, you can imagine I was intrigued.

TikTok user Audrey (@audboos) initially gained fame for her Dyson AirWrap and fluffy hair blow-dry tutorials, but users frequently commented on her eyelashes as well. Seemingly always skyward and defined, she recently shared the method behind them.

“I know this is weird, bear with me,” Audrey says, holding an eyelash curler. “I’m actually going to curl my eyelashes upside down. 

“You want to be careful when you do this, but you want to get all of your lashes and just working your way down the lash – you’re curling them upside down. 

“Then you go in and get right up to the root and curl it upwards. It should look something like that. Now I’m going in with L’Oréal Telescopic in Carbon Black.

“I mean, come on,” she finishes, referencing her dramatically lengthened eyelashes.

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Now, I’ve tried this and true to her word, it does work. My considerably shorter lashes stand to attention and, with a coat of mascara, look decidedly defined. Fanned, fluffy, and dramatic, it’s a technique I’ve firmly established in my make-up routine. 

However, and this should hopefully go without saying, there is a need for close attention when using an eyelash curler. Use medium pressure and be careful not to pull, yank, or tug at your lashes. If you have any eye concerns, active infections or broken skin around the eyelid, stay away until healed. It won’t do any good to exacerbate the issue. 

Besides that, have at it. As a TikTok hack veteran, it gets the stamp of approval from me. 

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