Lady Gaga Now Has a "La Vie en Rose" Tattoo on Her Back, and We Miss Jack Maine Even More

Lady Gaga Now Has a “La Vie en Rose” Tattoo on Her Back, and We Miss Jack Maine Even More

It looks like Lady Gaga is basking in her recent Grammy wins with some fresh ink. On Feb. 14, the 32-year-old debuted not one but two new tattoos by LA-based artist Winter Stone. She first shared an Instagram photo of a sizable back tattoo that features a delicate rose sprouting up along her spinal cord. The words “la vie en rose” are written in cursive surrounding the thorny stem as a nod to the first song her character, Ally, sings in A Star Is Born.

We’re dying to hear Jack’s — er, Bradley Cooper’s — input on this masterpiece. Gaga also shared a snap of her second tattoo, located on her inner right arm. It’s a musical staff with four notes spelling out her name, G-A-G-A. How genius is that? Although the staff originally only had four lines on it, she had the top fifth one added after realizing the mistake, and her manager, Bobby Campbell, got the same design on his arm to match hers.

These new tattoos join a host of other designs Gaga has already inked on her body, including a mouse on the back of her left arm and a David Bowie homage on her side, just to name a few. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how her new spine tattoo factors into her Oscars outfit. Keep reading to admire Gaga’s latest inked additions.

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