MAC Cosmetics Introduces Official 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' Collection

Want to step into the world of Wakanda and feel like royalty? Well, M·A·C Cosmetics has created the perfect solution for you in time for the new Black Panther film set to be the next record-breaking blockbuster.

Today, M·A·C Cosmetics has debuted their collaboration with Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ahead of the sequel’s highly-anticipated release on November 11, 2022. With 18 must-have beauty pieces ranging from liquid lipsticks and lipgloss to highlighter and the perfect cheek brush, the Wakanda Forever collection is the global beauty brand’s proud presentation of the first-ever makeup partnership with the unapologetically Black, regal blockbuster (which has amassed over 40 million views alone with the official trailer).

“M∙A∙C has always reflected culture, and there is no denying that Black Panther disrupted culture and the way we celebrate and love Black beauty,” says André Branch, SVP/GM of M∙A∙C Cosmetics North America. “When the opportunity arose to partner with Marvel Studios to design and offer people a makeup collection inspired by the sequel, it was a no-brainer.” In collaboration with Joel Harlow, Makeup Department Head for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the creative and product development teams from both Marvel and M∙A∙C came together to create a collection representative of the vibrancy and colors featured throughout the film.

Branch continued, “We are honored to be entrusted with bringing the coveted beauty looks from Wakanda Forever to life through our special limited-edition collection.”

The collection includes classic bullet lipsticks with shades Wakandan Sunset (bright cool Fuschia), Dora Milaje (blue-red), Royal Integrity (warm chocolate), and Story Of Home (mid-toned neutral with slight pink undertones) at $23 USD each; lipgloss in the shade Feelin’ It (translucent gold) priced at $23 USD; and Love Me Liquid Lipcolour in the shades of The Shadows (black), Thicker Than Water (blood red), Show-Off (red-bronze), and Wakanda Forever (brilliant bright purple) which all retail at $28 USD.

The collection’s newest eight-pan Eye Shadow x 8: Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Collection By M.A.C features a “creamy, sensorial texture” throughout all jewel tones, earthy mattes, and shimmering metallics inspired by the colors, characters, and textures of Wakanda, according to the official description sent to ESSENCE, all wrapped in a special-edition Black Panther-inspired packaging.

“I wouldn’t say there was one particular character or scene but from the full-bodied world of Wakanda. When you get to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film, you’ll easily spot the makeup references, but for now, until the movie comes out, you’ll just need to take our word for it,” Branch told ESSENCE about the inspiration. When asked if the products were tested on the actors prior to the launch and if we can spot any of the products in the film, Branch assured the involvement. “Joel and his team tested everything. The lipsticks, eye shadows, pencils – there were hundreds of people involved in the movie, [and] all the products were used. That’s why we invest so much in working with artists because we are able to make magic together in so many ways.”

Ahead of the launch, we spoke with Branch about working closely with Harlow and the Marvel Studios team, the inspiration of individual scenes, and how Black and brown girl friendly these Wakanda-inspired products truly are.

ESSENCE: How involved was the Marvel Studios team when creating the collection?

Branch: “Our team worked closely with Joel Harlow – who gave us the beautiful looks from both Black Panther and now Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Throughout filming, he fed key themes and looks to us so that we could build a collection that was truly inspired by and representative of the looks from [the] set. It was a truly collaborative and rewarding process.”

Who were some of the characters that served as major inspirations?

“I wouldn’t say there was one particular character or scene but from the full-bodied world of Wakanda. When you get to see Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film, you’ll easily spot the makeup references, but for now, until the movie comes out, you’ll just need to take our word for it.”

Why is this collaboration significant to the beauty community, and how did the movie inspire the embargoed products?

“We know this franchise means so much to so many people, and as a diverse team ourselves, we poured everything into bringing it to life in a way that is authentic to M∙A∙C and the devoted fans of the film. You will notice that the shades in the collection are significant to the various tribes that were represented in the first film and were then extrapolated into a futuristic version of what the looks/colors would be for the sequel.  Every single formula was worked through with the Marvel Studios team to ensure it is authentic to the movie. The detail our creative team put into the packaging is also not to be missed.”

Considering that the cast is made up of predominately Black women and men, what are some indications that the products are Black and brown girl friendly?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever showcases Black excellence with an inspiring story and predominantly Black cast, so it was important that we embodied that spirit throughout the partnership from end to end. Wakanda is a vibrant, bold world, and the color story of the MAC x Wakanda Forever collection was created to complement and celebrate that. All the products feature lavish, saturated hues that look fantastic on everyone – especially those with rich skin tones. The beauty of the collection is also in its versatility. I’ve seen our artists create some extraordinary looks, people of different textures and tones, and they never seem to run out of ideas.”

Prices range from $23 – $44 USD, and the official collection is available for purchase here. The collection is also available in-store at MAC locations nationwide and online at Check out the official Long Live Wakanda trailer forever below for Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film.
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