Meet the next-gen of strawberry blonde: spiced bronde, apricot blonde and chilli copper

Written by Morgan Fargo

If warm and cosy were a shade, these autumn hair colours would be it. 

Come autumn, the urge to hunker down with a cup of tea (or glass of dry red) feels palpable. We become reacquainted with the scarves and hats we haphazardly shoved away in March and return to layering warm items over warm items over – well, you get it. Unsurprisingly, our aesthetic seasons seem to follow suit. 

“Usually, as pumpkin-spice latte season approaches, the desire for copper tones peaks. This year though, we saw shades of copper (think mahogany blonde and deep auburn), as early as spring,” says leading hairstylist, presenter and Evo international creative director Tom Smith.

“This autumn, fiery coppers and reds take a back seat for a softer, low-maintenance version – spicy shades of blonde and bronde. We keep the lighter base of blonde and light brown hair colours and shift the ‘tone’ rather than make the hair darker. We can bring in shades of strawberry, apricot or chilli to add a spark of heat into your post-summer highlights – all of which look rich, warm and appropriately toned down as the weather turns more crisp and cool.”

The best approach if you’re not sure how best to add a spiced warmth to your hair is to have a conversation with your hairstylist. They’ll be able to walk you through the various tones and shades that work with your undertones and personality. Fortunately, Smith has some advice for how to look after your strands at home.

“The great part is this delicate tone can be maintained at home. I recommend the Evo Fab Pro custom mixed pigmented conditioners, which you can purchase at your salon, or the Evo Fabuloso colour-boosting treatments available online in the shades chestnut or caramel,” says Smith.

Another way to re-inject instant shine and gloss to your colour at home is to use a gloss or a glaze. 

From the Josh Wood Colour glaze and gloss family to celebrity hairstylist-founded brand dpHue (who offer a range of glossing shampoos and conditioner) to aesthetic brand Glaze, there are myriad ways to keep your colour as vibrant as possible. 

If chilli and apricot-toned blonde and bronde tones aren’t enough of a departure from light, summer shades, Smith predicts that dark glossed obsidian tones and striking dopamine shades of pink and golden buttery blondes will also come to the fore this leafy season. Read more of his forecasts before you head to the salon.

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