Mum styles her hair using a radiator pipe after losing her curling tongs

Emily Kendall’s big night out was almost ruined when she couldn’t find her curlers – until she had an idea to use a radiator pipe instead.

She decided to wrap her hair around the hot pipe to curl it and she says it was actually better than using her normal styling tool.

The 22-year-old has long blonde hair and it took her just 20 minutes to create the bouncy curls.

She even claims that her hair felt healthier than normal because it didn’t seem to singe in the same way.

The young mum took photographs of her hack and shared them on social media, getting over 22,000 likes and shares.

Emily, from Morecambe, Lancashire, said: ‘I almost cancelled my plans until I realised I could try the radiator pipe. I was so shocked when it worked.

‘It’s a good hack for when you’ve lost your curlers. It’s a tip for people who didn’t get [any] in the sales.’

Emily was getting ready and had had a difficult day when she realised her curlers were missing.

As she tried to think about where they could be, she had a moment of inspiration.

She said: ‘I was trying to think where the tongs were and sat on the radiator because I was freezing. My daughter tried to touch it and I said ‘no, it’s hot’.

‘Then I realised the pipe was there and thought “oh, that might work.”

‘I sat on the floor and tried to curl my hair around it.

‘When I looked in the mirror and thought “well, that one’s worked”, so decided to carry on.

‘I thought ‘oh my god’ when I saw the first curl. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it’d worked.

‘It only took 20 minutes and with my curlers it takes about 40. It’s quicker and I’m saving on electricity in the meantime.

‘The curls stayed in all night and the next day. I went out the following night with it still curled.’

She still hasn’t found her tongs but says she’ll keep using the new technique for now.

Emily was especially pleased she managed to style it all without burning her fingers as she often catches them on her tongs.

She said: ‘I’ve got a few Christmas parties and meals coming up, so I’ll be using the pipes again.

‘If someone had suggested this to me in the past, I’d never have done this.

‘My friends loved it. They were all taking pictures of me because they couldn’t believe it. They’re inspired to try it now.

‘It wasn’t as hot as my curlers because normally my hair smokes with the tongs, so it must be better for my hair too.’

Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon said that it’s actually maybe not a bad idea.

She told ‘All credit to her, it’s creative that’s for sure. The average radiator is only 80 degrees, which is 100 degrees less than the temperature that professionals tong at.

‘So.. no damage done, except possibly to twist her neck.’

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