Nordstrom Rack Is Taking $90 Off The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Right Now

  • The FitBit Versa is currently on sale at Nordstrom Rack.
  • Normally $199, you can buy the FitBit Versa for just $109 right now.
  • The Versa has a four-day battery life.

Admit it: It can be hard to muster up the will to exercise these days. (I mean, if I don’t put exercise on my to-do list, it doesn’t happen.) However, it’s more important than ever to keep on sweating. Research shows regularly exercising can improve your mood, keep stress at bay, and boost your immune system.

If you need some extra motivation to get moving, look no further. Today, Nordstrom Rack is taking $90 off Fitbit’s Versa Smartwatch.

Versa$109.97SHOP NOW

For as long as I can remember, Fitbit has been the gold standard of fitness trackers—and, thankfully, the Versa model doesn’t disappoint. This option is tricked out with top-tier technology that can track key benchmarks like your heart rate,distance, and calories burned. Thanks to its selection of exercise modes, you can accurately track an outdoor run, spinning session, or virtual HIIT class. Since the Versa smartwatch has over four days of battery, it can act as a daily reminder to workout.

Or, if you want to keep tabs of your text, calls, and emails without also spending hours scrolling on Instagram (guilty), pair the Versa to your smartphone and have all your important notifications sent straight to your wrist.

Fitbit’s Versa smartwatch normally costs $199; however, you can currently buy it on Nordstrom for $109.

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