Strongman Fans Can't Fathom How the Hell Hafthor Björnsson Just Deadlifted 1,104 Pounds

Hafthor Björnsson, also known as Thor or The Mountain or that incredibly strong man from Game of Thrones, just broke the world record for deadlifting more than any human in history. The strongman and actor was able to deadlift 501 kilograms, or an astonishing 1,104 pounds. The lift was two pounds more than the previous world record, which was set by Björnsson’s rival Eddie Hall in 2016.

Thor’s warm up was a casual 925 pounds deadlift followed by a 1,025 deadlift. On his third attempt, Björnsson went for the goal of 1,104 pounds. Commentators pointed out Thor never picked up that much weight before, even when training. But with little struggle, Thor was able to deadlift the half-ton weight.


“I’m speechless,” Bjornsson said in an interview after breaking the record. “I’m so happy and thankful I got the chance to do this, even with all the shit the world is going through.”

He added, “Not only did I pull this incredible weight, but I also just feel great afterwards. I’m standing here, tall, with no injuries.”

Soon after the lift, fans swarmed social media to share their collective awe and disbelief at the lift.

Me: Gave up twenty minutes into a thirty-minute cycle this morning because I’m a weenie.

Hafþór Björnsson:

Hafthor Björnsson just made a 1104lb deadlift look like nothing.

Didn’t think it would happen but Hafþór Björnsson absolutely smashed that 501KG world record deadlift! Made it look unbelievably easy

For example, I can only deadlift 425 pounds… Björnsson is lifting almost 700 pounds more than me..


Björnsson’s historic lift was supposed to be attempted at a World’s Ultimate Strongman Competition, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the competition was moved to a livestream featuring various strongman record attempts. The main attraction of the livestream competition was Thor’s lift, which was attempted with only essential assistance and crew in attendance. And fans were quick to comment on the fact that a global pandemic can’t even stop Thor.

I just watched Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson lift 501 kg live on Youtube and I’d say this man is using his quarantine time well.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson can probably punch coronavirus to oblivion

But no fan commentary would be complete without mentioning how Björnsson used his post-lift interview to call out former record holder Eddie Hall to a literal boxing match.

Prime athlete Hafþór Björnsson pulls an incredible 501kg deadlift then calls out retired strongman Eddie Hall to a boxing match. Wait.. what?!

Don’t you want to take a shower or a nap first, Thor?

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