Swirl Nail Art Is Everywhere Right Now


Purple Swirl Nails

  • Abstract swirl nail art is a huge trend for 2022.
  • Depending on the colors you use, your swirl nails can be for summer or fall.
  • Get inspiration for the swirl nail designs on long and short nails here.

We’re entering the abstract nail-art era. The proof is on Instagram, TikTok, and the tips of well-manicured fingers everywhere. Though abstract designs can take on many forms, swirl nails in particular are proving to be a fan favorite.

If you haven’t already splurged at the nail salon for your own set of swirl nails, chances are you’ve saved a handful of these manicures as reference photos for future appointments. This nail-art design comes in a variety of patterns and colors, with neutral hues, like brown swirl nails, being a popular choice for fall and bright color schemes, like pink and blue swirl nails, screaming summer.

Swirl nails can also be paired with other nail-art trends for a truly one-of-a-kind look — something many celebrities and their manicurists have been doing. La La Anthony recently combined the pattern with a french manicure, for example. The design was courtesy of Chaun Legend, who’s arguably the king of swirl nails. Chlöe, on the other hand, paired her swirl nails with crystal embellishments for a flashy look.

The beauty of swirl manicures is you can get the look on long or short nails, with extensions, or on your natural nails — the possibilities are endless. To get inspiration for your own set of swirl nails, keep scrolling.

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