Teenager left 'looking like a Dorito' after her fake tan went wrong

If there’s one thing you should learn from the beauty corner on the internet, it’s that fake tan has the potential to go very wrong.

You could end up stained green, make your friends think you’ve been kidnapped, or dribble your way to some interesting facial stains.

Or, like Ellena Brice, your fake tan fail could make you look ‘like a Dorito’. Just be careful, ‘kay?

Ellena, 18, decided to try fake tan for the first time after the cold weather had made her feel a tad glum.

Wanting to restore her summer glow, Ellena took the advice of her pals and picked out the darkest shade available.

She went right ahead and smothered herself in the stuff, leaving it on for the instructed time before washing it off.

As you’ve probably guessed, the results weren’t quite what Ellena had hoped for. Instead she was far darker and more orange than intended, despite trying to exfoliate the fake tanner off her skin.

The Dorito-esque tinge lasted for around two weeks and Ellena said she had to wear darker makeup in an attempt to cover up the mishap.

Ellena, from Orpington, Greater London, said: ‘I have always gone to a professional to get my tan done, but because I was feeling down with the cold and dark weather I decided to do it myself.

‘I was so pale and was going out for a meal so wanted something to make me feel a bit better.

‘So I asked my friends’ advice of what to get and didn’t even think about how the colour would look on me.

‘When I got home I put it all over the place but was shocked with what I saw when I washed the initial layer off.

‘It looked disgusting – it was all in my pores, I had a brown hair upper lip – I was literally a walking Dorito!

‘The worst part was, it took another two weeks for it to completely disappear so I had to wear darker make-up and try not to touch things as I was staining everything.’

Ellena’s attempts to scrub away the stains only made things worse, leaving her skin ‘crusty’ and ‘looking like a loaf of tiger bread’.

She says she’ll leave her tan to professionals in the future.

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