The Experts Have Spoken: Here's Why After-Sun Haircare Products Are Important

The Experts Have Spoken: Here’s Why After-Sun Haircare Products Are Important

It makes sense that applying after-sun care products to burned skin is more intuitive than smearing the stuff onto your hair (Nothing beats the cooling effect of aloe-infused gels and lotions after a long day at the beach.) According to the experts, using the moisture-restoring, products on your hair is also important when you plan to spend a day out in the sun.

“When your hair is over-exposed to the sun, your hair color will fade significantly,” said New York City hairstylist Nicole Casamassima said. “This exposure can also make your hair more dry which invites frizz.”

Casamassima tells her clients to wet their hair and load it up with a great conditioning mask prior to going to the beach or hanging by the pool. “Doing this before you go outside, will help to create a barrier between your hair and the harsh sun rays,” she said. She likes the Nexxus Humectress Mask ($5) (she’s a spokesperson for the brand).

If your hair is feeling drier, looks less shiny, or the color is starting to fade, the damage has already been done and it’s time to start using an after-sun hair product. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King said that after-sun care products is basically a deep conditioner that typically contains oils. “Not all oils are created equally, as some coat the strands, while some penetrate,” she said. “You need both.” She explains that an after-sun care product that contains coconut oil specifically will both moisturize and protect the hair.

Ahead, see seven after-sun hair care products that will give your hair a little R and R.

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