Watch What Happened When This Guy Tried to Become a Champion Boxer in Just 30 Days

YouTuber Tyler Oliveira is no stranger to fitness challenges that push him right up to his physical limits. In the past, he has spent 24 uninterrupted hours running on a treadmill, lifted weights underwater, and attempted the now-infamous One Punch Man workout. In his latest video, Tyler sets himself a pretty tall order: become as good a boxer as he possibly can, in the space of 30 days.

“I’m itching to kick someone’s ass,” he says. “The problem is, I have zero skills.” To keep himself motivated, he turns to one of the all-time greats of the sport: his inspo is none other than world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who came out of retirement last year and who is looking to be in the best shape of his life at the age of 54.

Tyler works with boxing coach Ricky to master Tyson’s “peekaboo” fighting style, which involves keeping the hands raised over the face the entire time, as well as extensive sparring. “My fingers, I can barely type right now they’re so sore,” he says after just a few days. “My forearms are debilitated at the moment.”

He forges ahead with his training, including incorporating more cardio into his routine, and starts to practice some more complex fighting tactics, like the slip and jab. Then, he tests his newfound knowledge against Kirby, one of the boxers in his gym. After just one round, the intensity of the fight soon takes it of him. “It’s 90 percent cardio, 10 percent willpower,” he says.

“One amazing ass-kicking later, I knew I had to get into better shape if I wanted to beat Kirby and put respect on Mike Tyson’s name,” he continues, and throws himself into a series of intense cardio circuits to improve his endurance in the ring.

“I finally started to get better as my muscle memory kicked in,” he says. “And after dancing around like a ballerina, I finally mastered the basics of footwork.”

But is a month’s worth of intensive boxing coaching enough preparation when facing off against an experienced fighter? Watch the video to find out.

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