We tested 3 different lip products by eating burgers, and this is what happened

Lipsticks are one of our favourite beauty products, but they can often slip, slide and smudge throughout the day. Here, we put three long-lasting lip products through their paces…

We all love a lip product. Whether it’s a quick swipe of your perfect nude lipstick every morning or layering on a red liquid lipstick before an evening out, it’s a product most of us use to finish our look.

So, it can be extremely annoying when you finish a meal, only to have most of your lip product smeared around your lips. Add to that taking sips from a drink and you might find yourself constantly topping up your lip product throughout the day.

Obviously, some formulas last better than others so we tried three products in three different textures (a traditional lipstick, a liquid lipstick and a lip oil) that deliver high colour and impressive long-lasting abilities.

To put them to the test, we headed to vegan fast food restaurant By Chloe, ordered burgers, fries, chicky bites, juices and desserts and got to work (it’s a tough job, ey?). Here’s how our lip products fared…

THE LIPSTICK: Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Colour, £28

Shannon Peter, beauty director:

“I desperately want to be a lipstick person. One of those people who can slick it on straight from the bullet without a mirror and keep it within the confines of their lips for the entire day.

“Severely lacking the elegance of these lipstick wizards, I need a shortcut. Step up to the plate, Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid Lip Velvet Matte in Blood Orange. The pigment is ridiculously punchy for such a thin formula, so it went on like a dream. But how did it fare up against By Chloe’s new Chicky Chicky burger (which, by the way, is an excellent stand-in for real fried chicken), a side of sweet potato fries, extra Chicky Chicky strips and a mandarin lemonade?

“Surprisingly well. Only a little bit travelled south of my bottom lip, and drinking through a paper straw did lift away some of the colour from the centre of my lips. As for the smudge of red under my left nostril? Well, I only have my clumsiness to blame.”   

THE LIQUID LIPSTICK: KVD Vegan Beauty XO Vinyl Beauty Lip Cream in Tulip, £18 

Hanna Ibraheem, senior beauty writer:

“I usually forego wearing colour on my lips. Not because I necessarily prefer the look of a tinted balm, but because I’m the kind of person that dives head first into their lunch and would finish my meal with colour smeared all over my chin.

“But when it comes to liquid lipstick, it’s a different ballgame. Synonymous with the words ‘long-lasting’ and ‘staying power’, these (albeit, slighter heavy) formulas dry down to lips and usually do not budge.

“I applied KVD Vegan Beauty’s XO Vinyl Lip Cream in Tulip as precisely as possible and gave it enough time to fully dry, to make sure I tested its lasting abilities properly. Then once my food arrived, I got to work.

“Once I demolished my meatball sub and fries, I checked my lips in a mirror and was pleasantly surprised. The colour had dulled down very, very slightly but my lips were still vibrantly red. And while there was some smudging around the edges – particularly over my upper lip – it was minimal and easy to fix, considering I was wearing a bold red.

“If you’re looking for a lip product that can withstand a Friday night gins or a Sunday roast in equal measure, try this.”

THE OIL: Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense in Intense Pink, £19

Kiran Meeda, acting beauty assistant:

“As someone with an appetite for the not-so-pretty foods, I’m always on the lookout for a lipstick that will last. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Intense in Intense Pink (available in the UK on 29 March) seemed like a good place to start out. It’s really lightweight, but still has a highly pigmented colour with a dense applicator. On top of that, the sweet cherry scent automatically made wearing the oil that much more enjoyable.

“Bearing in mind this is a nourishing lip oil that leaves a long-lasting stain, it’s hard to compare it to lipsticks – but the first few bites looked hopeful. The colour seemed to stay on my lips, however, the glossy shine became more subdued as I continued to eat.

“Weirdly, the even spread of lip oil only seemed to disappear from my bottom lip. Maybe because that’s where my food touched my lip most. My top lip looked untouched as I got halfway through the burger, something which doesn’t often happen for me when tasked with eating messy foods.

“By the time I finished eating, the pink colour stain was still there, a little more muted post-burger, but there was definitely colour that lasted throughout. For the more natural-looking lip looks that leaves a subtle, yet pigmented stain, this lives up to its name.”

With thanks to By Chloe. All images: Stylist.co.uk

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