16 Artie ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Quotes For Instagram & Your Coolest Selfies

The only thing that’s more iconic than Arthur "Artie" Camden’s stylish scarves in Schitt’s Creek is his confidence. Artie makes a shocking impression on the Rose family when Alexis starts dating him. Even though Artie only appears in one Schitt’s Creek episode, he does not fail to deliver LOL-worthy moments to the scenes he’s in. That’s why he’s the perfect character to channel in your selfies. By using these Artie Schitt’s Creek quotes for Instagram captions, your posts will certainly make your followers laugh.

One of the reasons why Artie’s quotes will pair so well with your selfies is that he never seems to lack confidence, like when he sees Johnny at Café Tropical and feels comfortable enough to call him "Lexi’s old man." Poor Johnny looks concerned AF during their chat, but Artie seems totally at ease. In fact, he goes right on to brag about the three-bedroom home and above ground pool he owns. The entire encounter is laughable.

You can reflect Artie’s playful personality on your Instagram by using any of these Artie Schitt’s Creek quotes for your caption. Be sure to pair it with a snap of yourself rocking an Artie-inspired look, complete with a vintage vest, stylish scarf, and lots of rings. For bonus points, you can even pose with a mimosa and toast to your extra AF fashion sense.

1. "Actually, I am retired."

2. "We’re totally chill with that."

3. "Thanks for the heads up."

4. "Sorry, wrong room."

5. "I’m looking for Lexi."

6. "Don’t worry, I am over 21."

7. "Alexis. I call her Lexi."

8. "Hey, how you doin’ Davie?"

9. "You can call me Artie."

10. "Lexi left her purse in my car."

11. "You betcha."

12. "Always room at the table for Lexi’s old man."

13. "I know it isn’t always easy being a dad."

14. "Very cool."

15. "I own a beautiful three-bedroom home with an above ground pool."

16. "I’m gonna shoot Lexi a text."

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