23-Year-Old Chief Keef Confirms That He's Got NINE Kids

TMZ is reporting that there was drama family court when it was revealed that rapper Chief Keef is aiming for the title of “Deadbeatiest Dad” and has managed in his 23 years alive on this planet to amass a grand total of nine children with nine different women. Everyone already knew he had five kids, but recent court documents showed that he’s also got four kids and they’re all under the age of 5. Clearly he’s allergic to condoms and good sense.

Chief Huge Bareback Slut transformed him into a baby machine at the age of 16. Previously we knew that Chief Keef’s mega sperm had made 7-year-old Kayden Kash Cozart, 5-year-old Kimora Sosha Kozart, 4-year-old Krüe Karter Cozart, and 3-year-old Sno Cozart. Those court documents show that he’s also the biological father to 3-year-old Kamiah, 1-year-old Khalo, and 4-year-olds Khalil and Kirsten.

This came to light because, as anyone with a brain would expect, these nine women are after, what? Child support. And they want it when? Right now. Chief Keef let it be known that he’s got four more kid, because apparently it’s getting hard to pay the bills. According to him he’s just a simple “self-employed musician” who earns a total of $9,000 a month and has expenses which also happen to equal to $9,000 a month. So clearly there is no money left for the child army he made. The judge rolled his eyes at that one.

A judge ordered Chief Keef to start making monthly child support payments in January, and the astoundingly huge amount is $564 to each mother. As for if he’ll actually make those payments…. The Blast says that Kimora’s mother, 43-year-old Erica Early, filed papers asking a judge to throw him into a cell for not paying child support:

On November 20, Erica Early filed court documents in her Chicago paternity case against the “Love Sosa” rapper requesting that the judge lock him up. She doesn’t say how much the hip-hop star allegedly owes, but makes it clear he hasn’t been holding up his end of the obligation.

She sued the rapper for paternity and support months after the child was born.  A judge would later order him to pay $2,500 a month in support.

According to court documents, Early says the judge previously issued a warrant for Keef back in 2014 after he failed to pay support. That bond was set at $10,000 but later quashed after Keef paid the bill.

Early now wants her famous baby daddy behind bars. A hearing has been set for December 14, and a judge will decide Keef’s fate.

I hope these women band together and create a pseudo-family who are all related through the same baby-daddy and get their own reality show. They’ll need it since Chief ain’t gonna be helping with that $564 a month. If you liked Jon & Kate Plus 8 you’re going to love Chief Keef Supports 9.

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