‘A bit upset’ Alison Steadman consoled by Paul McCartney after John Lennon snub

Alison Steadman hits out at James Martin's butter obsession

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Gavin and Stacey actress Alison Steadman has recalled some incredible interactions she had with the Beatles in their early years. But when John Lennon was decidedly rude to her, his bandmate Paul McCartney stepped in. 

Alison, 75, grew up in Liverpool just as the Beatles were rising to fame.

When she was 15, in 1962, she attended the first ever gig that featured Ringo Starr as drummer, replacing Pete Best.

“I went to the Cavern Club a few times when they first started, before they were famous,” said Alison.

“I was there one lunchtime session when they came on stage and Paul said, ‘Oh hi everybody, I’ve just got something to say. 

“‘Pete [Best] can’t be with us today, so would you say hello to Ringo Starr?’ Everyone went wild, Ringo started playing and that was it.” 

Alison told the Radio Times that on another occasion, she approached Paul McCartney and John Lennon in the post office and asked for their autographs. 

“Paul said, ‘What’s your name, love?’ and put ‘To Alison, love Paul,’” Alison recalled. 

“Then he added ‘The Beatles’ in brackets underneath. He said, ‘I thought I’d better put the Beatles because in the future, someone’s going to look at that and think, ‘Who the bloody hell is Paul?’” 

But John, who died in 1980, was not as friendly.

“He just put ‘John Lennon’, handed it back without a word and carried on filling in his form,” said Alison.

“I must have looked a bit upset because Paul said, ‘Aww take no notice, he’s always like that.’ I’ve still got those autographs,” she added. 

Olivier-award-winning actress Alison is well known for playing Pamela Shipman in Gavin and Stacey. 

Her on-screen husband Mick was played by Larry Lamb – and the two acting legends were recently pictured on Barry Island together.

As so much of Gavin and Stacey is shot there, many fans of the show went into meltdown, believing they were filming another series of the show, which is written by James Corden and Ruth Jones.

But it has since been reported the duo were filming ITV show DNA Journey.

Barry souvenir shop Barrybados posted a photo of Alison and EastEnders star Larry sitting on deck chairs together on the beach. 

Fans flocked to comment, wondering if this meant another Christmas special or even a new series of the much-loved comedy.

But according to Rob Brydon, who plays Uncle Bryn, that will not be happening any time soon. 

“No one’s said anything to me,” he admitted. 

“And to be honest, I have no burning desire to play Uncle Bryn again.

“If Ruth [Jones] and James [Corden] write another one, I’d do it, but I’d be just as happy if the whole cast got together and went out for dinner,” he told the Daily Star.

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