Adele details encounter with US police officer who pulled her over – then called his wife

Adele has revealed a hilarious moment when she was pulled over by the police in America – and got out receiving a ticket as the officer realised who she was.

The global superstar shared the anecdote to the crowd at her ITV show, An Audience With Adele, filmed at the Palladium in London with a star-studded audience.

Samuel L Jackson was one of the many stars who took the chance to ask Adele a question during the one-off special, querying: “My question is, have you ever used your Adele-ity to get out of a ticket?”

Or a “precarious situation?," he added.

Adele started: “Well one time on the 401 [freeway] Samuel L Jackson, when I first moved to LA, which by the way was never meant to be for as long as I did.

“I’d never really driven there before, I was driving in the fast lane and I wasn’t going that fast as there was a lot of traffic. I was in a rental and the windows were tinted a bit too dark, but I didn’t know that.

“Anyway I was minding my own business and suddenly a police car pulls up behind me and you know he’s like, basically hinting that I need to pull over, so I just stopped where I was.”

The 33 year old singer paused in between telling her story as the audience burst into laughter.

Adele continued: “I didn’t know you had to pull over, I’d never been pulled over in my life. So I pulled over in the car pool lane as they call it and he came over the tannoy screaming at me: ‘What the h*** are you doing? Pull off, pull off!’ so I followed him and went off.

The singer then went on to say: “He pulled me over. I wind all my windows down as I’ve been taught to do before, especially being pulled over in America you never know what they’re going to do.”

She then handed the officer her British driving licence, which she admits “might as well have been a Blockbuster card" as he was so confused, adding: "It looks nothing like me, it was like me when I was 17.”

As the policeman went to check if her licence was real, Adele recounted that he returned with his wife “screaming” down the phone at him for pulling over Adele.

He apologised, as the singer admitted she was “shaking the whole time” and that she didn’t mean to use her star status to get out of the ticket, in fact she said: “I was ready to go to jail!”

The star quipped that the officer’s wife “saved the day.”

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