Adrienne Bailon Loves Being A D-List Celebrity

Tamera Mowry is thinking, “Can’t relate. I was in Twitches. I’m A-list forever.”

The name Adrienne Bailon may jump in your mind for many reasons. The girl group 3LW. The more popular girl group Cheetah Girls. Or her current job, hosting The Real. On a recent episode, Adrienne admitted that she is a D-List celebrity and also that she loves being one. Good for her. I mean, who wouldn’t want to make what regular people consider a shit ton of money by being on TV and making appearances or whatever? It’s about time someone finally gave a shoutout to the D-Listers who keep several awful reality shows alive. Celebrity Big Brother wouldn’t exist without you.

Adrienne was talking to the ladies of The Real about how she is happy being a D-List celebrity. Adrienne lays it all out there and drags herself (?) but in a nice way (?):

“I just want to be brutally honest: I really enjoy being a D-List celebrity… 100%! I get to live a private life when I want to live a private life, I don’t want to be Beyoncé in the sense of–not that I think I could be, but I’m just saying. Like, I think it is important to recognize where you are and that’s okay. I like that I can go grocery shopping… and no one bothers me. I live a normal life. Could I strive to do so much more? Sure! Couldn’t we all! But I like the life that I live!”

Adrienne should give herself more credit. Yes, she’s a D-Lister, but she was also Rob Kardashian‘s original girlfriend! She paved the way for fame whores like Blac Chyna, but avoided becoming her! And Adrienne should enjoy being a D-List celebrity. I would love to get paid to talk about how my life is more-than-moderately better than other people’s while sounding oh-so-humble. Sign me up!

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