Amandla Stenberg Tried A TikTok Beauty Hack & They’re ‘Absolutely Loving It’

Amandla Stenberg is taking on all the TikTok beauty hacks.

During her Vogue beauty tutorial video, the 21-year-old actor revealed she just tried out one of the platform’s riskier hacks – buzzing off the ends of their eyebrows!

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“I just did that thing that everyone’s doing now where I shaved off the ends of my eyebrows because of a goddamn TikTok,” Amandla shared in the video. “So I have a different eyebrow shape than usual, but honestly I’m loving it. Absolutely loving it.”

The Fox Eye Challenge is a viral trend that involves shaving off the outer end of your arches to achieve lifted, straighter-looking brows.

Amandla also showed just how she gets her eyebrows so perfect.

“I already know people are gonna’ be in the comments like, ‘What the hell is she doing?’” they shared, laughing. “But I don’t know, I just like it.”

If you missed it, check out the trailer for Amandla‘s latest project, The Eddy.

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