Anna Konkle Announces Baby’s Name and Gender After Giving Birth to First Child

The ‘PEN15’ actress confirms she has given birth to her first child with fiance Alex Anfanger and the new mom announces the gender and name of the bundle of joy.

AceShowbizAnna Konkle welcomed a baby girl with fiance Alex Anfanger earlier this year (21).

The “PEN15” star shared the big news in a feature with co-star Maya Erskine for Vogue U.S. magazine, revealing the couple has named its daughter Essie Wunderle Anfanger.

“The middle name comes from my dad’s side of the family, in honour of him,” she shared. “The Wunderles were known to have strong, forward-thinking women.”

“And my great-great-grandfather, also a Wunderle, went from selling sweets from a street cart to having a large factory where candy corn was invented.”

“Hopefully she’ll appreciate the name instead of resenting us for giving her something difficult to spell.”

Anna and Alex are engaged to be married and, in the feature, the star listed things she’d been thankful for during her pregnancy amid the pandemic.

“I’d like to thank 90 Day Fiance for giving Alex a plethora of characters to impersonate and, in turn, hours of entertainment for me,” she said.

“Pregnancy pillow for keeping me upright; you took up the entire bed. Stretch-mark oil – they still happened, but I’m pretty sure I’d have more. Alex for our marriage proposal, scored by that Neil Young record I love.”

Anna Konkle announced her pregnancy in January this year, two months after Maya Erskine revealed she’s also expecting her first child and is engaged to her boyfriend, actor Michael Angarano. “BFFs (best friends forever) making some future bffs,” Maya responded to her co-star’s pregnancy reveal back then.

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