Anthea Turner breaks silence on being attacked by Piers Morgan after lockdown feud

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Anthea Turner, 61, has broken her silence after being “attacked” by Piers Morgan, 56, during lockdown earlier this year. The former television presenter revealed all in a recent interview.

They don’t know where to go with that.

Anthea Turner

Anthea is most known for hosting Blue Peter in the 90s as well as GMTV for two years.

Throughout her career, she has been heavily criticised for many aspects of her personal life.

This included “breaching” Covid rules in February, according to Piers Morgan.

Anthea has broken her silence on the matter, talking to The Telegraph about Piers.

She said: “Now, when I’m attacked by people like Piers Morgan, I’m aware they have their own agenda.

“I deal with it the same way I survived divorce: if you really want to p**s off your ex-husband, be nice.”

Anthea continued: “They don’t know where to go with that. That’s my philosophy: be professional, pleasant, not a walkover.

“I’ve plainly got some tenacity and grit because, despite it all, I’m still here.”

During February this year, it was reported by The Sun that Anthea had breached Covid rules by hosting a secret pamper party for five friends at her apartment.

On January 6, England entered its third national lockdown, with the order for the public to “stay at home”, and not socialise with those outside their household.

The gathering came after Anthea shared a cartoon on Twitter of an overweight woman on a mobility scooter telling a maskless youngster: “You’re putting my health at risk.”

Piers Morgan called her “despicable” as trolls attacked Anthea for “fat-shaming” – and wrongly accused her of targeting the disabled.

Regarding Anthea “breaching” Covid rules, Piers spoke about the matter on Good Morning Britain at the time.

He said: “What we could see less of is people like Anthea Turner, who decided for reasons that completely baffle me… suddenly pops up last week attacking overweight people and actually attacked with a caricature of somebody actually in a mobility scooter.

“Attacking them, saying you’ve got to look after your body and if you don’t it’s YOU that’s causing the problem with the NHS because you’re fat.

Piers continued: “Then it turned out that literally the same day or the day after she was caught with five of her mates coming round for a spa day at her house with beauty treatments.

“Well, how does that sit, Anthea Turner? With your outrageous, scornful attack on overweight people for not doing their bit to protect the NHS? You know what, it wasn’t working and it didn’t protect the NHS, did it?”

Anthea made a public apology on February 12 for her actions regarding the “offensive” picture.

She penned: “Totally apologies that the cartoon is clumsy – I’ll take the rollicking on the chin. (sic)

“But it was never directed at people clinically ill who need our support.

“My passion is sincere though Covid has to give ys a bl***y big health wakeup call & we’d be nuts not to try & fix it.” (sic)

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