Ariana Grande Hid Tribute In ‘SNL’ Ode To Pete Davidson

Fans recently discovered a hidden tribute to her ex in the song she wrote for ‘SNL’ prior to their break-up.

While Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have been history for a while now, details surrounding their relationship continue to surface on social media.

As her followers know all too well, the 25-year-old signing sensation is notorious for dropping teasing Easter eggs in her music videos, songs, and social media posts. A Twitter user named Grace Barry recently noticed a sweet tribute to Grande’s ex in the “Ode to Pete Davidson” the singer wrote for Saturday Night Live prior to the end of their relationship.

According to the tweet, Grande repeatedly used the guitar chords B, A, E throughout the entire song spelling out the word “bae” over and over again.

E! News reports the discovery as unsurprising, but sweet, as many Grande fans have also speculated the singer teased the names of several songs from her next album in her “Thank U, Next” and “Breathin” music videos.

Moreover, fans also believed the actors wearing a badge with the letters “BDE” in her “Thank U, Next” music video was a very subtle reference to Davidson.

While details surrounding their relationship continue to come out, it seems unlikely the duo would rekindle their flame any time soon – if at all – because of the drama following the break-up.

As E! News reminds us, Davidson took to SNL to poke fun at the end of his relationship with Grande. He also recently blocked the singer on Instagram after being continuously bullied by her fans and followers.

Despite the drama, the duo have taken the time to wish each other well on their future endeavors. Pete called Grande a “wonderful, strong person” during a “Weekend Update” segment of SNL. He also said he wanted her to have “all the happiness in the world.”

Grande recently took to social media wishing her ex well and asking her fans and followers to stop bullying him.

According to a separate piece by E! News, the other big indicator that the split between Pete and Ariana is likely permanent is the fact that the comedian has already moved on in the dating scene. It was unclear if Davidson was dating anyone or if he is just ready to start dating again, as the source didn’t reveal any specific names.

For the time being, Grande appears to be focused on her career and her mental health as opposed to finding another relationship to be in. In fact, the singer is set to go on her “Sweetener” tour across the U.S., which kicks off in just a few months with former Fifth Harmony member, Normani Kordei.

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