Ariana Grande Seemingly Confirms Pete Davidson Blocked Her on Social Media

It appears as if Ariana Grande revealed that Pete Davidson blocked her on social media.

Earlier this week, a fan account posted what appeared to be a screen grab of a DM conversation with Ariana, where Ariana wrote, “i have never encouraged anything but forgiveness. i care deeply about pete and his health and would never encourage any kind of mistreatment. i haven’t seen any of it because i’m blocked but i want you to know that i would never want or encourage that ever and you should know that. i care about him deeply.”

Ariana then replied to the fan account on her personal Twitter account, seemingly acknowledging the verity of the DM by posting a heart emoji in response.

If you missed it, Pete wrote a note to his followers about being cyberbullied for months and Ariana issued a statement supporting him this week.

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