Ashley Martson: Jay Smith is a Lying CHEATER and We’re Still Married!

Earlier this week, 90 Day Fiance villain Jay Smith insisted that he was a good husband to Ashley Martson during their toxic, tumultuous marriage.

He made wild claims that TLC had manufactured at least one of his cheating scandals out of thin air, and insinuated that they'd done more.

Now, Ashley is clapping back at all of his claims about her, their marriage, and their time in the spotlight.

Ashley also has a surprising (and yet not so surprising update) about her finalized divorce from Jay.

What a mess.

Here's what Ashley has to say:

1.Ashley and Jay

2.Recently, Jay had a lot to say

3.The Tinder cheating scandal? Jay says it's "fake"

4.He said a whole lot more

5.Worst of all …

6.There was a lot of that

7.Ashley is clapping back!

8.Jay is counting on being believed

9.So, about that Tinder cheating scandal …

10.Jay didn't expect to be caught OR held accountable

11.That pattern continues …

12.Jay has made Ashley's life hell, but …

13.She has a theory about his bad behavior

14.Ashley felt like she was in the wrong role with him

15.As for Jay …

16.She's not even angry about his latest nonsense

17.But she's had enough

18.Well, at least they're divorced!

19.WHAT?! WHY?!

20.How did he screw this up?

21.What does she think of Jay's allegations?

22.Why would he say that?

23.Well, we can see that

24.The next Mrs. Jay has Ashley's sympathies

25.She has other priorities now


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