Baby Nut, the Rebirth of Mr. Peanut, Is Dividing the Internet

Hello, and apologies in advance for what you’re about to see. This year’s Super Bowl commercials have truly been a mixed bag—and on top of a HARROWING ad featuring Jason Momoa peeling off his hair, we were introduced to Baby Nut. Whomst is Baby Nut, you ask? Apparently he’s the reincarnated version of Mr. Peanut, only a baby, and it’s honestly horrifying.

I have many questions about Baby Nut, including but not limited to: Did two peanuts have sex in order to make him? Is he evil? and most importantly, Will he kill me and/or curse me if I make eye contact with him through the TV?

And so far the only answers Planters is giving me is in Baby Nut’s Twitter bio, which simply says “The official Twitter of Baby Nut. Reborn and bringing everyone together.”

Cool! Anyway, the internet is pretty divided by Baby Nut’s sudden, and dare I say nutty (HAHAHAH), emergence into the world. On the one hand, we have people who are delighted by his cute Baby Nut eyes and simply want to make memes:

Baby Yoda, Baby Groot and now #BabyNut?

We are in the golden age, my friends.

#BabyNut > Baby Yoda

everyone shut up and LOOK AT HIM. I think I love him more then literally anyone and anything ever. #babynut

bro everyone was in tears after mr. peanut, but they didn’t know what was coming. after every storm, comes a rainbow. welcome to the world, #babynut 😌😌😌

He’s my son. I want him #babynut

You vs the baby she tells you not to worry about #babynut

On the other hand, there are those of us who are understandably concerned that Baby Nut has come to murder us all in our sleep:

they’re going to mash a baby until he’s peanut butter 🥺#BabyNut


#babynut stay in the grave or else

I need baby yoda and baby nut to literally murder each other. #babynut

I want to cave it’s fucking head in and eat the contents inside #babynut

#SuperBowl Both the commercial and the hashtag for #BabyNut just have me facepalming.

Ugh, help. Anyway, here’s the commercial if you are Pro Baby Nut, aka Pro Insanity:

Hello world, I’m happy to be back! I can’t believe everyone came together for little old me! #BabyNut

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