‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′ with Eddie Murphy is coming to Netflix

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More sequel news: the long-discussed fourth sequel to Beverly Hills Cop has taken a step closer to actually getting made. If you haven’t seen the original, you should. The film starred Eddie Murphy and co-starred Judge Reinhold and John Aston, all at the height of the 1980s glory. And it introduced us to Bronson Pinchot and a newish Paul Reiser. It was funny, made even more so by Eddie’s comedic genius, but gritty enough to still be a compelling cop-story. And it had one of the greatest soundtracks to come out of that era, including its Grammy winning score, Axel F. The film spawned two sequels, both starring Eddie and both being critically underwhelming. The second sequel made money, at least, but the third did not. So, after Paramount flat out cancelled the planned reboot and took the plans for BHC4 out of rotation, they gave Netflix a one-time license to make it for them. Huh.

Netflix has picked up the rights to make a sequel to Beverly Hills Cop, with Eddie Murphy set to star and Jerry Bruckheimer set to produce, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The project comes after a one-time licensing deal between Netflix and Paramount to produce the fourth edition of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

Viacom CEO Bob Bakish on an analyst call Thursday said the licensing deal between Paramount and Netflix “will produce a new film based on an iconic IP and further expands our relationship with this important original production client.”

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The most important part of that story is that Eddie is set to come back. The second most important is that Bruckheimer is producing. He did not produce BHCIII and I think it showed (that and John Landis’ self-indulgent direction). Do we need this sequel? No. Honestly, I’d rather just re-watch the original. But, as we’ve discussed before, Eddie is back, so this would be the right time to move forward on it. Call Me Dolomite is getting a lot of attention, and I don’t know about you, but I am beside myself waiting for his return to SNL as a host in December. Plus, he has two other highly anticipated sequels, Coming 2 America and Triplets, opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, if Ivan Reitman ever gets around to putting that together. So if they must do another sequel to BHC, I think Netflix is the right way to go – focus more on the story and (hopefully) getting as many original elements from the first as possible. I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and wait.

As I mentioned, Eddie is filming a sequel to Coming to America. I don’t know how many of you saw this, but there was a small morsel of wonderfulness that happened recently at the Tyler Perry Studios where that project is being filmed. Will Smith, who is there filming a Bad Boys sequel, videoed his visiting Eddie on set and gifted us all with this moment that also included Wesley Snipes, Martin Lawrence and Tracy Morgan. When Will is at a loss for words at the end – that just hits you in the heart:

You can’t put @BadBoys 3 next to Coming to America 2 at @TylerPerryStudios and expect us to get ANY work done

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